Theme Tuesdays: ‘Tis The Season 2014


Being the time of year filled with holiday cheer, I am going to keep with what has become a bit of a Christmas tradition around here and dedicate this week’s Theme Tuesday to photos that have a bit of a holiday vibe.

I’ve tried to stay clear of photos you may have seen a thousand times over already, and especially shy away from ones I have personally already posted!

Gnarkill PBR fueled Christmas
Philip Awad with a great capture of a 190e pretending to be Rudolph
Kind of ironic most of these photos have no snow at all… heck we have no snow in the GTA right now
Juan’s Gen Two among some flashing lights
Tidy Miata lurking in a suburban neighborhood
Why yes of course I’ll go get the Christmas tree honey it’s why we got a wagon!
If you scroll down I’ve included this video
Luxurious Montreal showing their Christmas spirit with the only picture with snow in this entire post!


Santa recruited a few helpers and a few alternate sleighs this year

As promised a few videos to go with the still images:

Hopefully this time of year is shaping up great for all of you reading this and you will be enjoy the time with those who are important to you.

Merry Christmas!

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