Spring is in the air: Part 2


Continuing my journey around the internet seeing what other bloggers are up to this second, and final entry, in the ‘Spring is in the air‘ series asks the same five questions from last week to the writers of Up-Shift.net, N/A On The Run, and Full-lock.

Jon Gandy – Up-shift.net

Take a group of car grassroots car enthusiasts and give them a place to post not only their own personal experiences regarding automobiles but also random car related nuggets from the internet and you end up with Up-Shift.net.

The ‘leader’ of the pack per say is Jon Gandy and by looking at what he drives  you just know he is a die hard car nut, because nobody other than a true nut would delve into the world of rotary motor modification.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

Maryland, USA & SUCKY. We got dumped on three times for a total of 38 inches of snow I buried my Corolla under quite a bit of snow.

Jons Corolla under heaps of snow in Maryland

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

No new mods, spring should see new life in the Corolla but just as a daily driver.

I’ve been looking for a Cummings 1500 Diesel Holset turbo for the RX-7 as my block has been heavily street ported and I am looking to flow as much air as I can.

I’ve custom fit a Mack Truck inter cooler to it for that purpose as well. I want to have at the builders & done before the season gets fully underway.

Jons FD before he tore into it
Under the knife

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

Actually really looking forward to Club Loose events this year as I am acquainted with one of the organizers.

The East Coast Bash is a pretty big season opener, info can be found at, clubloose.com

Anything new and exciting we can expect from Up-Shift this spring/summer?

With the addition of the RX-7 and an upgraded Porsche 968 look forward to seeing more road trips to events like Club Loose drifting, I want to head out to Mid America Motor sports complex for a buddies track day events findtheline.com and quite a few highway and back road videos and upgrade suggestions as we continue to modify our vehicles and simply enjoy driving and tightening up the cars.

Ive also reached out to another successful internet blogger who is reviewing vehicles and we look forward to getting a few new car test drives in soon, but we have to see how those plans go.

Antonino Botelho Filho (Ant) – N/A On The Run

Ant is a self proclaimed ‘Rookie AutoX’er, Drift N00b, Tougè Addict, Arcade Racer’ and most importantly ‘a guy who likes to have fun’.

Ant is regular commenter/supporter here at Stance Is Everything and he’s the down to earth type of car guy that makes this sport fun.

He is currently working on a budget naturally aspirated (hence his blogs name) Subaru Legacy Franken build in his garage which should be pretty quick once it’s all said and done.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

I’m from CT, USA, and winter here can be bad at times, the snow storms that hit made it hard to even do an oil change.

Antionios car, Hitomi, at the end of last season

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

Just stock piling parts for my budget N/A build. I Just need an engine stand to get started on tearing into the EJ251’s that I have sitting in my basement and some misc. parts here and there

[Note: He has his engine stand and has begun the motor build]

Ant puttin in work on his build

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

AutoX season and hopefully try HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) in late summer. I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to make it to the HPDE, but it’s definitely something I want to try.

Ant reppin the cone stickers for this years events

Anything new and exciting we can expect from N/A On The Run this spring/summer?

I’m going to be doing features of some Legacy’s that might have gone by noticed online. I’m also going to try to get some stickers cut to share around.

Logan Noel – Full-lock

Keeping the Subaru guys together the last writer/enthusiast I polled for ‘Spring is in the air’ is fellow resident of the Great White North Logan Noel from British Columbia.

Logan’s a drifter who whips around a car that not too many other drifters do. His  RWD converted Legacy that has made quite a buzz on the net with it’s flush wheel setup and agressive stance.

Last year it was white but this year it’s coming back with a fresh coat of paint, new suspension bits, and more power.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

I’m from Kelowna BC Canada. Winter was strange this year with us only getting two big snow falls, it made for a short winter.

My car was back lowered with the summer wheels on some time early February. [Editors Note: I am jealous]

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

The rwd legacy got a lot over the winter, new dohc heads (the ports and valves are almost twice as big as the stock sohc heads) next was a Td05 turbo off a jdm STi.

The lego also got some custom made knuckles for more angle since the. awd car was lacking before.

Also by the time you read this the car will be purple!

Logans Legacy sittin flush, I dig the fatlace sticker placement.

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

We do a drift day once a month locally so all of those, some autocross, a few evergreen events, and the big one, All Star Bash.

Logan lettin it slide at a local drift event

Anything new and exciting we can expect from Full Lock this spring/summer?

I hope that I find time to continue to post almost every day on full lock. But other then that lots of dope shit, flush cars, and sick drift videos.

That wraps up this years ‘Spring is in the air’ series, once again a big thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully next year I get my act together a little earlier and I can really stretch this series out.

If you missed Spring is in the air: Part 1 catch up on it here.


  1. Oh snap! Whats up with this All Star Bash?! I was just talking to another Up Shift writer and we are eager to visit our brothers in the Oh Canada!

    Im a real big fan of the cars that see every day use like the Full Lock Legacy and the NA car looks fantastic. I didnt have a engine stand when I started my builds, I did it all on a table, its still good to hear some work is getting done and hitting the tracks.

    Look for some video soon for our reviews of the 968 as well as some of events there in Canada. Hope all this heat doesnt hurt the A/F ratios in the north. See you all soon.


  2. Now you need to do a mid-summer update, Dave, haha. 😉

    For Ant, I sure hope you get out to a HPDE!! Just be warned it *may* ruin autocross for you…. It did for me, and I haven’t been autocrossing this year in the hope that I can make it to a track day later on this summer. It’s more expensive, but so worth it.

  3. Thanks for the love Dave. Sorry I’ve been absent from the internet for a few days(feels good)

    Rotaries are awesome, even if they are a pain in the rear end and unreliable

    Logan’s BC is DOPE, specially the new color. Absolutely insane

    @ Meg, I’m thinking so too, but we shall see. I’m trying to get the Legacy ready for AutoX but things keep coming up or breaking :-\

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