WTF Friday: We put a Camaro in your Camaro


When I saw this my head nearly exploded, why on earth someone would put the front and rear of a 1st gen Camaro onto a 4th gen Camaro is beyond my current half awake state of comprehension.

To mess with me a little more this Camaro is RHD and I didn’t know RHD Camaro’s existed to begin with.

The craftsmanship looks good but why?!?

...I don't understand....

The fact that it’s an auto v6 doesn’t make me feel any better about it. If for whatever reason this is your cup of tea it’s for sale on ebay.

Picard > Kirk

Site Updates

Not too much new going on this week, slowly collecting facebook fans even with my lack of promotion on facebook, and the store keeps making sales weekly so I am stoked on both of those things.

I’ve been making steady progress on my lip and it should be all finished tomorrow and probably installed next week when I wash my car before the nextmod/torontomazda3 season opener meet. My spacers from Garage16 have also arrived so I am looking forward to picking those up tomorrow.

Other than that steady as it goes, I might take some pics at a maxbimmer dyno day tomorrow but it really depends on how far along I am in the painting of my lip so we shall see.

Flasback Fridays

So I posted a gross/weird Chevy above so lets all wash our eyes out with Dale’s sweet 67 Impala shot my Keven Soldo. Sounds like a plan to me.

Sick status

I’m off to find somewhere to sleep….


  1. Haha, today’s post made me laugh. And the RHD on that Camaro reminds me of Corvette Summer with Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) where he custom made his Vette into RHD just to be original. The movie was pretty cool, unlike this Camaro.

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