I don’t post a lot of Benz’s and I have no idea why, I do however know that I want to do a 190e Theme Tuesdays one of these days.

Anyway this e55 has been sitting on my hard drive for some time now and I quite like it so it’s time to share.

According to his post on mymbonline the owner had a set of BBS LMs and HRE’s before getting these Forgestar F1 20″ wheels.

As much as I love LM’s and HRE’s I must say these wheels suit the car perfectly.

At the time these photos were shot this car was the only Benz on these wheels
Love this shot, nice profile on this ride
Beautiful, love how everyone has shot in an underground at somepoint
I need to try rig shots...


  1. These megabuck highway cruisers with slushboxes don’t do much for me– although the big M-B engines do sound *mean*– but I absolutely cannot wait for your 190e theme tuesday 🙂

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