Theme Tuesdays: DA Chassis Integras


Not too long ago I did a Theme Tuesday on DC Chassis Integras, well now it’s time to throw it back to the predecessor of the DC the DA.

Sadly like the DC chassis a lot of DA Integras have rotted away due to the amount of salt we use in the winter here in Toronto.

A few people have been able to keep theirs in one piece with a strict regime of cleaning and maintenance. The rest of the nice one’s live in Cali.

Today's post will have a lot of Cali cars, you have been warned, love the red on red
White on red isn't bad either
Sportmaxx! These look great
The only thing on this car i don't like is the tilted hood, that never grew on me
I am man enough to say I love purple cars
Clean, clean, clean
Four door slam
I like this one a lot, the wheels are really unique
The CF hood is a big improvement over the bra in the previous photo
Another clean Cali Teg
Rare front bumper on this one
The exhaust sticks out like a thumb on this otherwise very clean car
These wheels kind of look like pansports, but I don't think they are, nice though
Dat ass


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