Event Coverage: Street Classics Pre ’55 2011


On August 14th Street Classics hosted their annual ‘pre-1955’ classic car show and shine.

Much like Vagkraft (which the same day) I had not attended this annual event since 2009, so I decided I might as well check out this show immediately after snapping some pictures at Vagkraft.

Going directly from the biggest local VW meet of the year to a classic car event may seem weird to some but “I appreciate a fine body no matter the make”.

Unfortunately the somewhat unpredictable weather that day put a slight damper on overall attendance, but I did get a chance to meet Rob from Performance Improvements (and twitter) along with some of his family at the show which gave us a chance to talk cars and future endeavors.

Post 1955

Caught a couple guys with later model vehicles hanging about.

I feel for Ranger owners your suspension set-up certainly makes getting low a challenge
I beam suspension = near oni levels of front camber
I thought this was some sort of Rare white GNX but thanks to Phil I know it is a Regal


Couple trucks came out, not too many being a pre 1955 but a few…

Pea green GMC
I love these older Fords, great lines for an older truck

Full fendered

Now rolling fenders is pretty common place but prior to this depending on your car you could either choose to keep them or rip em off.

Nice lookin' Sunday cruiser
Very well done traditional flames
This vehicle belongs to the Performance Improvements family and they have put lots of miles on it
This one had a beautiful paint job and picture perfect bodywork
If convertibles are more your speed here is a traditionally styled example
I've always liked the way the fenders of this car hug the wheels
Interesting choice of fenders here, hi-boy/low-boy hybrid?


This is the perfect example of a classic that is not babied
Notice anything on the rear quarter panel?
Probably some left overs from a period correct drag event, or a typical Sunday drive
Don't think I have ever seen a white frame before, works well here
This little roadster was one of my favorites of the show, I got caught up in the details
Engine bay is certainly a thing of beauty, as was the pin striping
This car also did a good job of capturing me with details
Unrelated to this car but I think I had that flaming eyeball on a pog.... what you had pogs too.
Uber clean brake and suspension setup too
Simple elegance
This car has nothing but the essentials underhood
Can't go to one of these shows without taking a shot like this no matter how hard I try..
Dumped, chopped, and sitting by its lonesome
This picture perfectly represents the variety of cars that came to the event and is the perfect closer

Hopefully I have a chance to make it out to next years event and appreciate more cars from an era gone by.


  1. Nice, the classics just have a whole different level of appeal, don’t they!

    That white “Grand National” might be a Turbo Regal. Basically the same thing as a GN, but not called a GN. My friend’s brother had one just like in the pic, but with T-tops. That was my introduction to forced induction, and that’s all it took to get me hooked!

  2. Had to read the title twice since the first two were post 55… Makes me wanna work on my fargo and my honda

  3. i hate when people paint stuff that should be chrome i dig that big ol ford truck i dig very much

  4. That Buick is a Regal T-Type/Regal Sport Coupe (depends on year). My dad had a grey one back in the day. Hauled ass, but couldn’t handle worth a damn.

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