Random Dopeness: Volume 7


The rain kind of put a kibosh on some of the plans I had today so I’ve been re organizing and backing up photos I have taken as well as ones I have found online and figured it would be a good time to do another round of Random Dopeness.

Speedline FilmWerks also sent over their latest video in the Wuste 2011 series which is just as good as their last effort which the sent by last week.

Be sure to check both out at the end of this post.

@neon_mdr on twitter sends me the craziest stuff
Hopefully I get a chance to mess around with some autumn photos this year
Awesome Rivera and perspective here
Cars like this are why so many enthusiasts make the trip to Japan
This picture looks old which means the owner/builder of this car was an originator
So wish I had high res... desktop material
Yes, this a dumpster car
I'm still split on NSXs with stretched rubber, this one looks sick no question though
This car is beside the word awesome in the dictionary
Caged, Recaro, Low...
End the pics with a very traditional Rod

And the latest in the Wuste 2011 videos from Speedline Filmwerks :

and last weeks:


  1. i saw that lada the other day apart from that rear screen its very berg cupish i like it just dont tell eny one lol
    FC <3

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