Theme Tuesdays: Camouflage


When I was younger I wanted a camouflage BMX bike really bad, I actually took it as far as reading a tutorial on how to paint your own camouflage. Once I figured out how much labor it would take, and how much it would have cost I painted my bike solid blue.

The people with the cars today however have a lot more ambition than myself, or access to someone who can print and wrap automotive vinyl. Either or.

This just fits the look, lol
The camouflage wrapped Charger I mentioned in the intro
Rattle canned EF, actually doesn't look too bad
I think this might be the second Peugeot I've posted on the site
Another Civic, Traditional camouflage this time
This desert camouflage Hachi looks pretty awesome
Golf in non traditional camouflage colors
Fall camouflage? Does that exist? Either way that look awesome.
Hidden s2000
Digi camouflage wrapped Mitsu
Camouflage gull wing, dont worry its a wrap
Arctic camouflage wrapped e30, not bad...
Mad Mikes arctic digi camouflage wrapped Rx-7
Some might say sacrilege, I say amazing.
While I don't like this as much as the one above it's that bad either
This Camouflage A3 is probably the most popular and best looking Desert camouflage out
Love the matched LMs
Looks like he has a full show display as well

I wonder if this look is on the rise or on the decline? Hmmm do we need more of this?


  1. That old school gull wing isn’t just camouflage, it’s the Bathing Ape camo print. That car belongs to Nigo, the owner of the brand. He also has a pink camouflage Veyron that he whips around. Brilliant man, I love his taste.

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