WTF Friday: Medieval Death Sedan?


This has been a crazy week for the Toronto area, the upcoming G8 and G20 summits have turned the downtown core into a media and security frenzy. In close proximity to the summit you have a mix of people who don’t care, people who care too much, and police in riot gear all milling around, and as if things were not volatile enough mother nature decided Wednesday would be a great day for an earthquake.

The ground shaking must have jarred some things loose in this local nut’s brain because he was caught cruising around in Hyundai with a crazy home made container on his roof filled with weapons, details inside.

Here is the blogTO article I read on the incident which linked to the globe and mail.

A man has been arrested near Scott Street and The Esplanade for driving a vehicle with an arsenal of weapons.

Police seized a crossbow, five arrows, a sledgehammer, a pick-axe, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, a gasoline canister, and a cola bottle from the driver’s silver Hyundai.

The vehicle was outfitted with a homemade steel container tied to the roof and a bumper tied on with string. Police also found a copy of “100 ways to Make Money on the Internet,” in the car.

EDIT: Turns out that the guy has some mental health issues and was living out of his car, thus making this a lot less weird.

Thanks to Matt for pointing this out, more info can be found here.

As you can see he was rolling with a pretty serious arsenal of weapons the craziest (to me) being a cross bow, who the hell has a cross bow in 2010?

Pictures of the death mobile and it’s weapons below:

I wonder if this type of roof rack/contraption will become popular among the stance crowd?
Hazardous material of various types were just chilling in his trunk, no big deal.
Do people normally have cross bows? Any of you guys own a cross bow?
Normally I wouldn't assume a man like this dangerous...

Site Updates

The store has been updated if you didn’t notice and I’ve been busy again sending out sticker which is awesome. I might try and tally up how many I have sold latley to get an idea of just how many S.I.E. stickers are floating around in the wild.

Event wise this weekend I will be attending the Voice Coil Meltdown show to cover and sponsor it.  I am looking forward to meeting the Division R guys in person.

I’m also going to try and get my coverage of the Classics Against Cancer show up tomorrow as as I did not have a chance to get the photos edited this week.

Feature wise I have a photographer feature lined up for next week along with a mini featured ride, getting busy around here…

Finally BC racing and I have figured out what I need to do to get lower and I expect the parts to ship out soon. I should be the only Mazda 3 on this set up once everything arrives.

Flashback Friday

Since Toronto has it’s own villain above we need our own superhero to take care of him. Thank heavens we have our own Dark Knight!

I saw this car at last years Classics Against Cancer Show and it made me chuckle. Never did I think we might be need of his services though.

nannananana Batman, Batman, Batman....

Watch out for the water/sound cannons if you are protesting this weekend in the GTA.


  1. Man, that’s not cool. The guy suffers from schizophrenia:

    “a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking with significant social or occupational dysfunction”

    He was living out of his car, that’s why he had that big metal thing on top. Other than the crossbow, that’s all normal stuff you’d have in your garage, he just doesn’t have a garage. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and calling him a “nut job” is a little harsh. Look how confused he looks in that photo you posted….–man-arrested-with-suspicious-materials-not-linked-to-g20

  2. i was going to coment on the black plunger next to the cross bow bolts wich i thought was a little odd !nice one matt

  3. regardless of having mental health issues why does he have a fkn cross bow. who thought it was a good idea to sell that shit to him. and a cola bottle? thats sooooo dangerous.

    silly canuck.

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