The store has been updated


Thanks to Mat at Seche Media the store is now re stocked.

In the ‘new font’ url stickers I have 3 yellow, 3 purple, and 10 white stickers in stock as well as some stock in pink, green, gold, and gunmetal from the previous font.

I am also introducing 5 two tone Pink/removable white ‘I like em dropped’ stickers.

Click through to see some photos of the new product!

Eventually all of the URL stickers will be transitioned to the new font in all colors along with the introduction of reflective vinyl (some will be prizes at Voice Coil Meltdown) and more colors of everything else.

The panties on the white version are removable if you want all white
Pretty pumped on the new font, going to have to swap out mine next batch

That’s all of the shamless plugs for now I will be back later today with another ride from Division R Performance.

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