Store Update!


With everything that went on in 2014 (son born, car write off, events, features, SEMA,procrastination) the Official Stance Is Everything Store fell by the wayside. There was still product in there, but the design was reflective of the previous site’s skin and the inventory wasn’t exactly up to date.

Last night I went through and accurately updated the inventory numbers and put nearly all of the products on sale.

With shirt pricing as low as twelve dollars there has honestly never been a more financially sensible time to order some product, especially if you are from the US. The reason I am blowing out current product is so that I can start fresh with new designs later in 2015.

The products pictured below will be permanently discontinued once current stock has run out, so now’s your last chance to pick them up for cheap if you’ve always wanted one.

The original ‘I Like Em Dropped’ sticker is a classic favourite but I think for 2015 I can do a little better 🙂

I also released a trial run of a brand new sticker called ‘Scripted’ which was designed by pinstripe artist Christian Melchior. This sticker is currently in limited quantities but a wider release will follow.

As always thanks for the support!

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