WTF Friday: Jumping Sharks


Over the years there have been a few compact cars pop up with over the top amounts of negative camber.

Usually it’s a one-off car built for shock and awe that vanishes into obscurity never to be seen again. Prior to being directed @autoji‘s instagram page never had I seen so many of these shock value cars in one place.


This seems to have originally started as a joke but now it’s hard to tell if things are still a joke, or they actually do like their cars set up like this.




I highly doubt these see much use outside of shows but I must admit I was fairly surprised to see them move much at all as the videos below illustrate exactly how much audible protest a car is capable of making being driven with near -60 degrees of camber.

If this is the direction things are ultimately headed with this whole aggressive fitment thing I do believe we have may have jumped the shark.

What do you think?


  1. i opened this post hoping to see one of these things jumping a shark fonzy style but still not disappointing i think its pretty funny with so many people taking stance seriosly now a days it kindof refreshing to see an automotive joke that was intentional most of the time people are trying to be serious and it turns into a joke most of your wtf post are like that. whats up with the spray paint on them furthering the joke? or vandalism cause someone didnt get it and wanted to get there opinions across in a disrespectful manner. and this gave me another idea for a theme tuesday “awe poor wheels” wheel abuse theme tuesday. only you can stop wheel abuse hahaha

    • @hahaha At least you caught the reference. I pull titles from all sorts of influences I really wonder how many people get it.

      The spray paint was the cars initial version from what I can tell. It appears they later actually painted it. I honestly can’t tell if it is a joke or not but I imagine someone here in North America will try and things will go really pear shaped.

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