Theme Tuesdays: Bare Metal Pt.2


Near the end of Furious Seven yesterday three cars leapt out at me, the Rad Rides By Troy built’ GPT Special’ Ford Torino, the crazy cool Chevy Caprice I can’t find any more info on, and the bare metal Dodge Charger known as Project Maximus.

All of these cars were pretty awesome inclusions in the film, but the inspiration for today’s post comes solely from the latter mentioned Nelson Supercars all aluminum wide body 2000 hp fire breather.

Project Maximus as Captured in 2013


The metal work on this car is so great it’s almost hard to believe how much wider than stock it is

A Bare metal s10 has managed to make it into both editions of this post
I post this truck a lot but it’s relevant it so many posts!
Great looking Raw build from Detroit Autorama in 2014
Raw Volksrod from the Volksrod Theme Tuesday
Does anyone now exactly what this is? Fiero based kit perhaps?
This 302 Powered V8 Miata certainly isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I really like it
I think some sort of front end would really finish it off but as it sits it’s a very unique car. A bit more information about it is here
Just awesome
Absolutely killer stance
Absolutely killer stance
Really unique integration of a cross pattée
Really unique integration of a cross pattée
If this body could talk I’m sure it would have many a great story to tell
Great looking Raw ’49 that I think has also been chopped… which is impressive to leave it bare metal if this is the case
’58s and ’59s just keep growing on me…
…as do 51s
Something a bit different, a bare metal XL Ford Falcon spotted by
Something a bit different, a bare metal XL Ford Falcon spotted by
Stunning Chopped '50 Merc Coupe courtesy of E garage
’50 Merc Coupe courtesy of E-Garage
I love the now complete Fuller Hot Rods ‘Double Down’ and I think they did a good job with the graphics but….
This will forever be my favourite look for the car


  1. The one below the volksrod looks to be based on a porsche 914 considering the headlights, hood line and A pillar.

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