Theme Tuesdays: Volksrods


From what I understand the ‘rules’ for owning an air cooled Beetle are a little different than those of your average car or truck. Certain years you are basically free to do whatever you please without much scrutiny, while some years if you so much as repaint them people will request your head on a spike.

I’ve heard things get so strict that people would rather their parts sit and rot in a shed than go to a project they “don’t agree with”.

The simple idea of a Volksrod most likely offends the most crotchety of traditional Beetle enthusiasts, as well as traditional hot rod enthusiasts theoretically making Volksrod builders a tight knit community of outsiders.

When you think about it that is pretty cool and what hotrodding was in the very beginning…

Anyway on the heels of a fairly popular post on the fanpage here is a Volksrod Theme Tuesday.

This build is currently ongoing on Stance|Works
While the build above is ongoing this one known as the Lexi bug seems to have come to a complete stop
Looks like an awesome place to take photos… also reminds me of Red Dead Redemption
‘Street Rod’ Volksrod?
This particular one reminds me a little bit of a truck I saw at Autorama
No matter what the theme Speedhunters seems to have something for it
This is the same car from a different source
Evidently that motor is from a Corvair
Love some good rake
Total Car Magazine has the feature on this one
Another truck looking one
If you google ‘Volksrod’ this is one of the first to pop up, it’s a classic
Love how this is bare metal
Rag topped Volksrod from Belgium via Fast Car
‘Das Speedster’ which is an incredible build
Started as a rusty shell… ended up a rotary powered Volksrod. Tons of build pics here

Going to end things with this insane looking (and sounding) GSXR powered Volksrod:


  1. By far, one of my favorite Theme Tuesdays. Thanks for making tuesdays just a bit more interesting, and fridays too. Gotta love WTF Friday.

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