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This year while I in Vegas for SEMA my girlfriend and I got married after eight years of her putting up with my impractical cars, obsession with small plastic transforming toys, and risky children’s bike manoeuvres.

Though it was a surprise to many we actually planned the entire thing before hand and one of my few responsibilities was to arrange a vehicle to do the drive through ceremony in. After putting out an S.O.S. on twitter I immediately got a response from Las Vegas local Luis Planas of Kreative Street Designz who had a recently restored 72 c10 we could use.

The truck was purple, our wedding theme was purple, Lyndsey loved it, and I love trucks, so I gave Luis the details regarding our ceremony and he met us there.

When all was said and done and I tried to pay Luis for his troubles he refused to take any payment instead suggesting I ‘pay it forward‘. Beyond a few twitter/gtalk conversations Luis and I were practically strangers at this point so for him to step up and do this for my wife and I meant a lot. I’ve still got a lot of paying it forward gestures ahead of me to make up for his kindness but hopefully this give-away is a step in the right direction.

While running this site I’ve been fortunate enough to wind up with a lot of free product and instead of selfishly continuing to horde these t-shirts, stickers, key chains, bracelets, lanyards, and plate frames I’ve decided to split it up equally, toss in some Stance Is Everything merchandise, and mail it to three of you reading this right now.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post. No complicated liking, sharing, tweeting, or skill testing questions, just post a comment and you are entered.

Contest closes Sunday December 16th at 10:00pm EST.
Winners will be announced Monday December 17th at 10am EST*.
One entry per email address

Special thanks to: Crazy Leo, Drift Posse, Fatlace, Import Bible, ImportfestJDM EGO, Seche Media, Scarborough Scion, SIC RYDENextMod, and several others for contributing to this give away.

Good luck!

*Winners are chosen using The Random Number Generator.

Contest is now closed winners will be announced tomorrow, thanks to all who entered.


  1. congrats on the wedding all the best and Gods guidance along the way, now i would love a few of ur goodies

  2. Good on Luis for such a kind gesture, especially being dependable on such a big day! Just because we all have a different build style or love of certain vehicles doesn’t mean we cant love one another!!!! Congrats on a successful wedding!!!!! Nice Truck btw, Luis!!!

  3. Great way to pay it forward! Hope nothing but the best for you and your wife 🙂 keep that marriage strong!

  4. everyone should learn from this story to be more kind to each other even if you are complete strangers. The world would be a better place! Congrats to you and your wife! 🙂

  5. Great way to share the love. I’ve seen some great examples of people in the car scene coming to gether to help each other out this year, this is another great one.

  6. I think would you are doing is great and I hope that the winners of this give away continue to pay it forward in some way or another.

    big fan of your Facebook page in fact this is why I am entering the contest. I think would you are doing is great and I hope that the winners of this give away continue to pay it forward in some way or another.

  7. Congrats on the wedding you’se 2 🙂 love the site and I’m always liking your photos and sharing them around. Keep up the good work and don’t stop posting photos!

  8. Congratulations on your wedding! STICKER BOMB EVERYTHING!!!! If I win this sticker prize pack I’m going to sticker bomb my air cleaner on my custom bobber I built myself. And I’ll submit the pics. Thanks!

  9. It’s really amazing to see people stepping up for a stranger like this!
    Congrats on the wedding! I wish you both years of happiness to come!

  10. That’s a great thing that he did for you. Wow I am so happy your wife was happy and you look happy to cool. Congrats on the wedding to the to of you.
    Craig & Teresa

  11. When i read this from SIE it brought a smile to my face and honestly brightened up my day.Its True we had at the point of him sending out a SOS never met and even when he came to vegas i had very little conversation with him.But in my heart it was the right thing to do and the only thing i could do.We all get a love of cars in our youth and back when i started in the car game that love was shared with Others in my town and in my state where i lived.we all helped each other and shared the same passion even if it wasnt the same line brand or style of car or truck we still had the bond that passion brought with it.These days to me the passion has become soo divided that people dont “Pay it forward”enough and its everyone out for themselves either for fame “Ive been on tv before believe me its not fun”
    Or for fortune and the passion and bonds that tied all of us together in my opinion have become strained.By helping Him and his beautiful wife”And people he did luck out shes a wonderful woman”I feel that the world can be a bit brighter and better for it.Its what i would do for anyone who asked and i hope in seeing this act of kindness others “Pay it forward”.Hey you never know next time it could be you smiling while it rains on you as your working on a purple 81 chevy with a LS swap reading STANCE IS EVERYTHING !

  12. Congratulations Bro!! Great way to tie the knot by merging the two things that you love. The pasion of your new wife, and the passion for cars. I wish you and your new wife the best of luck in starting your future together.


  13. Congrats, and hope all that all the furtue fights r never enough to have to paint that truck green ha and I hope that a Chevy ha

  14. Congrats on the wedding Dave. I ran into Bruner the other day and told him of your good news, He was shocked but happy for you guys. Keep up the killer work with the site! Hope you two have many great years together!

  15. Omg, free stuff. Let’s all comment and such. Now I’ll throw in a compliment, to hide the fact I really just want the stuff. Congrats!

  16. Congratulations on the wedding and marriage. She is def a keeper when she is good with a vehicle in wedding pics:) wish u well

  17. Cool story 🙂 my wife and I got married in June and being vw fans we had a Volkswagen themed wedding, we rode around in my friends passat and the wedding party rode in a t1 samba bus, the one with the 20-something windows 🙂 the owner of the bus we met at a local air-cooled show and asked if we could use it for our wedding and he was all for it. The day went extremely well and everyone had a good time.

    And same thing, the guy didn’t want any money or anything for doing it. So what we did, my brother-in-law works in a print shop, so we had a big canvas printed up of us in front of his bus and gave it to him.

  18. A belated congratulations to both You and Your wife! And please keep up the awesome work, really appreciate both the great local features and the awesome coverage of shows/events too far away for me to go to! Keep on, keeping on it!

  19. congrats! best of luck to you both! the website has been amazing and i have really enjoyed it. keep up the good work. take care, and take care of that lady!

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