Why I want a Subaru #141312


I Found this Subaru on bikeguide, a bmx message board, with no link or info. Google searching Eric Tong, and Joe Dantone lead me their respective facebook pages where I noted that these photos were taken in October of 2010.

While that doesn’t make this photo set new by any means, there is simply no way I couldn’t post photos of this car.

The exterior is clean, the stance is on point and the photographers captured the car beautifully.

I’m sure this car also has quite a bit going on inside that shaved engine bay as well which I know some you Subaru heads will appreciate.

Fender to wheel clearance, perfect.
Always been a sucker for slightly raked ride heights
Killin' it
Love the fitment on this car, everything just seems perfectly balanced
Another custom plate win
The polished components look great in the shaved bay

Photo Credits
Eric Tong
Joe Dantone

If you are curious I am ‘The_Trail_Pimp‘ on both bikeguide and bmxboard.


  1. Yes another Jersey car. We kill it here in Jersey. Not “Snookie Shore Jersey”, but sick stanced, subframe bolt dragging, pot hole swervin, midnight meeting, dollar beer Jersey.

  2. LOU – I’m guessing its a Jersey thing? and we wouldnt undersand? right?

    nah seriously though your not wrong! absolutly killin it!

  3. “It’s A Jersey Thing” for sure. Dollar beers till 11 in most of the seedy shore bars I hang in. As well as the no shower happy hour. Welcome to the real Jersey Shore.

  4. whats this thing of wriping spoilers off ??????? bug eye’s are mushy stock but moded idk i do like the look of them tho (not as much as the P1) but im an evo 6 guy if only i had the mooooney

  5. Hey guys thanks for the mention. He actually finished this car only for two shows the year of 2010 and currently he ripped it back apart and is going to finish it by this spring. This is actually more than his 3rd build. Everyone forgets this car has been 3 colors and about 2 builds on each color haha the first week he got the car he put on a legit c-west kit with advans and flex’s like it was nothing.

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