Theme Tuesdays: Vintage JDM


A few weeks ago, before Japan was devastated by intense tsunami’s and earthquakes, my friend Aidan put forth the suggestion that I do a post on vintage JDM rides and even sent in a few pics to get me started.

Japan’s had a lot of influence the way we tune our cars here in North America and are thus held in pretty high regard. What’s happened there currently is terrible but I have no doubt in my mind that years down the road, once it’s all cleaned up Japan will emerge stronger than ever.

I've always wondered what fender mirrors are like to drive with
GTRs have always had an aggressive look to them
Do want this garage, and it's contents
A few drastic body mods away from Boso
Man, what happened with the Celica
They used to be such a great looking car
Fat and Flush contender
Toyota 2000gts remind me of classic British racing cars
I don't know a lot about the Mazda SP but I like this ad
Honda N600
Perfect Corolla SR5
Rigged GTR
Wow, just wow.
Couldn't do this without throwing a 510 in
Take your pick
Fatlace Ken Meri
I love this Civic 1200s, doesn't hurt it has an extensive track history
Super Street FTW

I’ve yet to touch on the topic of donating to Japan as I’ve just been doing it whereverr and whenever I can.  If you want to donate but haven’t yet you can do so via your local Red Cross.

If you want to donate and get a sticker for your trouble then you can do that via the following sites:
Yuta Akaishi (Heartbreaker for Japan)
Pray for Japan
site sponsor: Nextmods Pray for Japan intiative.


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