Theme Tuesdays: Wagovans


Do you think when Honda designed the Wagovan they expected it to be as popular as they are now?

Maybe popular isn’t the right word but they certainly have amassed a dedicated group of followers.

To be honest I never saw much potential in the Wagovan until sometime early 2000 when the second to last one in today’s post came along and opened my eyes to what could be with this unique, incredibly boxy, vehicle.

ATS cups work pretty well on Civics I have noticed
Tuckin large
K.I.S.S. rule applies
Naturally I went to the url on the windshield... I was met with an under construction page
Got a feeling this one can move
This one and the one below may in fact be the same car
and perhaps the one below this
Plane hangers make good locations
Draggin' flap
Been awhile since I've posted something by Mike Gilbert
Wheels look like they are practically glowing
Same car different angle, dope stance
Looks like this one is sitting on Equips
The color on this one reminds me of a glossy paper bag
Japan doing things proper
Randy Sparre (of e30 fame) changing my view on Wagovans forever
Sneaky nitrous setup was sneaky

and no I didn’t forget this one:


  1. Not sure if you noticed, but the “It’s JDM YO” and the “Japan doing things proper” photos are of the same car at different times.

    – Identical license plate
    – Different wheels
    – License plate attached with screws in the first shot, zip ties in the second
    – Lights have changed on the front end.

  2. a cult car for sure you ether love them or hate em i am of the former altho it does seam almoast a shame to make them fast thay seam more a cruzer to me

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