The Alfa Romeo Brera is one car I can safely say I have never seen before in person before, and one that doesn’t pop up often in the forums and blogs I frequent.

That is probably a big reason why this car really impressed me when I saw it.

Dropped significantly lower than stock and sitting on wheels by seemingly unstoppable wheel company RotiForm this car is certainly going to make it’s rounds on the net.

Companies should take a hint from Alfa for mean looking front ends
The color and design of these wheels suit this Brera really well
Nailed the wheel specs for this car
Beautiful as is but room to go more aggressive with spacers if the owner wants
This angle kind of reminds me of the new Scirocco
Wonder what the next platform to go down and out is?

Photo Credit:Harvey Fulford

Spotted on S|W


  1. Those last two photos really show how wild the body of this car is. Slamming it just takes it to another level. Man I wish we had more Alfas over here.

  2. do you have alfa in canada? i see brera’s every day living in spain but this makes a shockingly gorgeous car even better

  3. Gorgous. These are a dim a dozen where I live part time in the UK, never seen them stanced though. Looks great.

    • @Ollie we don’t get Alfa’s but I have seen some (older) here so in 12/15 years or whatever the law is will will probably seem them haha.

  4. I’d die to be able to get my hands on a Brera and be able to import it into Canada. Shame it’s not possible 🙁

    YET…car must be 15 years, how many more years to go?

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