Theme Tuesdays: Down Del Sols


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Down Del Sols

This summer I saw a few nice local Del Sols and after writing the mini feature on Eric’s Del Sol I figured I would try and throw together an all Del Sol Theme Tuesday. Not too many people stick with this platform it seems but they are actually fairly receptive to different tuning styles.

Start things of with a local grown Del Sol, this was his first set of wheels
The car really came together when he got these RM's and swapped wings
Car looks money on these custom painted and lipped RMs
Not a big fan of the bumper guards but everything else comes together nice
Looks like the same car as above just at a different point in time
Don't think I have ever posted 3 versions of the same car in one Theme Tuesday Before
Keepin things simple and clean
Not often you see white and red wheels but they work on this Del Sol
Sportmaxx wheels are so hard to hate
Mugen Equipped
BBS wheels look good on almost anything
This Del Sol is looking sick on Schmidt th-line rims
Another shot, love the smoothed body on this one
I think these might be ccws but either way they look proper!


  1. I will *always* have a soft spot for these, I had a red Del Sol for my first car. 🙂 Her “twin” was my husband’s blue Civic hatch — same year, same engine, same unfortunate automatic tranny. It was a bonding point, and the hubs helped take my car from rice (bought with the intention of rehabbing her, I SWEAR.) to nice.

    Totally making my brother look at this page. He bought the Del Sol off of me when I got the Miata. Sometimes I miss her, but she was too much project at the time. (How funny, since the next car was this insane 240SX project…. Ha.)

  2. A friend just brought this to my attention… the local del sol was mine 🙁 (white one in the first couple pics).. thanks for the recognition.. I miss that thing like crazy! Such a fun build / car to drive.

    and to the guy who asked about the lips ^ .. if you’re asking what lip I was running it’s an EK SiR lip.

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