Fat and Flush: Silver Sleigh


Enkei should just sponsor the Fat And Flush section of this blog because their RPF-1 wheel is now making it’s fourth appearance in this now nine post category.

Yes nearly 50% of this entire category is made up of cars on RPF-1 wheels, crazy.

I guess it goes to show that function oriented minds think alike.

Specs are: 17×9 +45 255/45 in the front and 17×9.5 +38 245/40 rear.


S2000s and Subarus are most of the Fat and Flush category now that I think about it….


  1. Wow…. Not bad. I’ve seen so many awful ones now that I don’t mind this at all — I actually rather like it! 😀

    Though mine will never be like that. We gotta keep it functional over here. (Hopefully will get our camber issue sorted out and finally get to the -2 she needs, not -1 like she has…)

    Still. Silver RPF1s FTW!!

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