Fat and Flush: Buy it


My apologies for any damage done to your cheque book caused by my posting items up for sale two days in a row but just look at this Subaru.

It is honestly one of the most intimidating and refined looking Subarus I have seen in a long while.

There is a lot to be said about raw looking track cars, but a car that can get down on the track and still look this good sitting still?

Best of both worlds.

18x10.5 +15mm offset... 290/30/18... lord have mercy
Hopefully the drive up to this point is as fun as I am imagining
Absolutely sinister
Move over.
The heart of the beast

Built up in every way you could want (dyoned 405 at the wheels, BC/Cobb suspension, nicely balanced street/track interior) this terror is up for grabs on NASIOC for 30k or LS1 RX-7 / Porsche GT2


  1. Awesome pictures. The car looks absolutely stunning.
    Any chance of putting up links to hi-res pictures?


  2. That actually is an f’n steal! The KBB on an ’07 with ~50k miles in excellent condition is $25k. Can’t get anything around here (Toronto)with less than 100k kms for less either. If I was in the market I’d be all over it. It’s well thought out and put together too.


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