Theme Tuesdays: Toyota Siennas


This week’s Theme Tuesday comes via Instagram and @richardkha who’s been tagging me in photos of Toyota Siennas for about three weeks straight now.

As someone who is glad he dodge the van bullet about a year ago I’ve peeked over the fence at what’s going on in the van community on occasion but never really given it a hard look because quite frankly I’m not ready.

My own personal attachment to hatch backs aside it looks like Toyota’s sever seater people mover has a fairly dedicated following of both moms and dads who don’t believe that rolling in family comfort means you can’t roll in style.

Universal Air Supply and Vossen wheels both seem to have a big stake in this market but Work, Air Runner, SSR and Rotiform and more can also be found throughout this thriving community.

One of the things that impressed me most about Siennas is how comfortably they can tuck ample width wheels
There’s decent lip front and rear on these AME Shallen WX wheels and there seems to be 0 camber all around and moderate fender pull
It’s hard to eyeball based on one photo but I’d say those wheels are at least 9.5″ wide
Swallowing Rotiform SNA wheels seems to be no problem either
These look like Work Brombacher wheels which are near identical to the wheels on the opening van aside from some small details that currently slip my mind
Being one of the more affordable 20+ inch options on the market today it only makes sense Vossen wheels are popular among this crowd
That’s not a knock either Vossens look pretty good underneath these vans
SSRs also look pretty good here, as spotted on this one spotted by Joey of The Chronicles
Van + roof box + bags = the ultimate road tripper?
Great shot, stance, and wheel face colour choice here
I feel like niche car communities thrive in Hawaii for whatever reason
End things out with a bit of function and form. A HKS supercharged Sienna. Apparently the SC is good for about 70 WHP

More modified Sienna’s and modified Vans in general can be found by following Van Kulture on both Instagram and Facebook.

I sense a 70s Van post in the not to distant future….


  1. Hey it’s @richardkha from instagram thanks for the theme Tuesday.

    On December 24th 2014 I was blessed with my 3rd child and having a impreza with rims and a slight drop and a Mazda 3 wasn’t cutting it for a family of 5.

    So mid April we replaced my wife’s Mazda 3 with a Sinnena SE…..I hatend have a mini van on the drive way but after following vankultue on instagram I’ve grow to like not love the van.

    With daily kijiji searchs next season our sienna will be get a lip job and some new 20″ shoes….just need to convince the wife on letting me drop it.

    But I’ve also been told it’s easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

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