Theme Tuesdays: Unique Suspension


For someone who talks about suspension as much as I do its surprising this Theme Tuesday idea took so long to become reality.

Coil springs, leaf springs, I beams, and torsion bars give way to push rods, cantilevers, hydraulic cylinders and air springs for today’s post that should be a favourite among the fabricators and engineers reading.

I saw this super intriguing juice setup at H2oi but only ever managed to catch up with the car at night, thankfully Chris Walsh had this photo of the set up


The range of motion here is quite impressive
Another juiced suspension set up this one is a local submission,  One of two juiced local trucks I know of
This truck is a local submission, and one of only two local juiced trucks I know of
I know this car is from SEMA 2011 but I don’t know anything else about it
Does it ring a bell to any of you reading?
This might be the only cantilever EK I’ve seen but it’s by no means the only Civic
The Weirtech turbo F20 CRX also has a very unique rear suspension in addition to this awesome power plant and FR conversion
The falling rate suspension was designed and built by Weirtech around QA-1 coilsread more about the car here
I was lucky enough to see the “World’s most advance hot rod” at Megaspeed in 2013, which uses an “in wheel” Multimatic suspension
I’ve certainly never seen another set up quite like it and the video below describes it’s advantages

That same year Hitman Hot Rods showcased a frame built by my friend Matt Moran during his time there


It uses a hybrid air hydraulic set-up where to of the bags found in the rear push fluid up to the hydraulic pistons up front
A similar configuration is also used in this truck, which was built by 519 Kustomz where Matt now works
I have no info on this but it looks pretty damn interesting. Love the combination of inboard brakes and unique suspension set-up. Not sure where shocks fit into the picture though
It looks like the car actually lays body above 0 psi which means you can probably ride quite low…
When I posted this truck on the Facebook there was lots of debate about how it worked. The going theory currently is that the upper bags provide some sort of constant spring tension. Perhaps simulating a shock?
What you’re looking at here is a Subaru transmission, Audi A8 suspension arms, a Toyota motor, and a turbo for good measure
Much much more info on this Mazda can be found here on youtube and here on facebook
Closing out this post with the picture that really inspired the whole thing. This ornate, unique, Mazda is being built by @wickedwedlcustomshop, and is straight up bananas


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