Ink & Iron: Canada’s First All Female Body Shop?


A few days ago a friend passed over some information documenting Hilary Noack’s quest to open Canada’s first all female Body shop.

An industry vet of twelve years, before going returning to Centennial college to become a teacher, Hilary worked at local restoration and customization shop Legendary Motorcar. Having visited LMC in 2011, and observed the quality of their work first hand, I feel safe saying that she no doubt knows her stuff.

The video below provides a little insight into exactly why she wants to start a female body shop, and why she thinks it’s so necessary today.

Prior to watching the video it had never occurred to me that I’ve never once seen a female auto body technician and I have had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of being in a fair number of body shops.

In addition to promoting women in trades Hilary also hopes to address the issue of body shops overcharging for sub par work and shops up charging women because they are women.

More info about this project, and how you can help, can be found on her Ink & Iron campaign at page.


  1. Just wanted to share my nightmare with everyone so they don’t have to go through what I did I had to get my car fixed and went to Ink&Iron- all female auto body shop on Wed April 12 they where supposed to fix my passenger side quarter panel and clear coat and polish the car to look like glass and it was supposed to be finished Satuday April 15 i got my car back Tuesday April 18. this is the shitty job they did over spray ,clear coat pealing, and swirl marks from buffing and when I dropped my car off to get re done on Tuesday was told my car would be ready on Thursday or Friday and they did nothing when I went to the shop they called the police on me for asking for a refund this shop is dirty just take a look around before you chose them to destroy your car the owner is sweet as can be until your car is in the shop then its a different story — at Ink&Iron- all female auto body shop.

  2. About a year ago, I phoned and spoke to Hilary and scheduled my car for body work and a paint job. I asked how long it would take to do the job and how much it would cost. I was given a price and a 6-8 week estimate time to complete it. I brought the car in on the 25th of May and left the car along with a $2,000.00 cash deposit. After 3 weeks, I was expecting to see posts on her Facebook page and when none were posted I began to email and ask why she wasn’t posting progress pics of the job. She didn’t respond so I eventually went over to find out what was going on. I found my car parked in the same spot with signs of weather damage to the work already done. She gave me a list of reasons and assured me that it was almost ready to start. This went on for months until the snow season rolled in. I told her that I can’t leave the car outside to wrought during the winter months and she assured me that she would bring it indoors before the Christmas holidays. Well the Friday before Christmas came and so did I and sure enough, she was gone for the holidays and my car was in the same spot, unlocked and buried in snow. I called CCA and had the car towed back home and asked for my deposit to be returned. Well it has been 2 months and she still will not refund my deposit. She ignores my emails and has not even returned a dime. I will likely have to sue this shop as this woman doesn’t have an ounce of decency. I would recommend you avoid this place at all cost.

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