Ink & Iron: Canada’s First All Female Body Shop?


A few days ago a friend passed over some information documenting Hilary Noack’s quest to open Canada’s first all female Body shop.

An industry vet of twelve years, before going returning to Centennial college to become a teacher, Hilary worked at local restoration and customization shop Legendary Motorcar. Having visited LMC in 2011, and observed the quality of their work first hand, I feel safe saying that she no doubt knows her stuff.

The video below provides a little insight into exactly why she wants to start a female body shop, and why she thinks it’s so necessary today.

Prior to watching the video it had never occurred to me that I’ve never once seen a female auto body technician and I have had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of being in a fair number of body shops.

In addition to promoting women in trades Hilary also hopes to address the issue of body shops overcharging for sub par work and shops up charging women because they are women.

More info about this project, and how you can help, can be found on her Ink & Iron campaign at page.


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