He did it, he made it, he’s finally famous.


Before Christmas Craig at Rare Snare asked me 10 questions about SEMA, Stance Is Everything, The Toronto scene, car blogs, and music.

It took me awhile to get through them but eventually I made good on my word and completed the interview which he put up last week.

If you have ever been curious about how this all started or about myself in general take a look. Here’s a quick excerpt.

::Why do you think SIE has been so successful among the countless other stanced car blogs?

Variety, I think if there is one single thing I bring to the table that a lot of the other Stance blogs don’t it is variety. It’s easy to find a blog that has euro content, one that has Japanese content, one that has lowriders, and one that has muscle, but a site that covers all of the equally without any sort of bias is pretty rare and that is where I fit in.

Another thing that I think gives SIE some level of separation is the fact that I am not stuck up enough to not post an atypical platform car or a car on affordable wheels. A lot of people are currently hammering the “Quality”, “Elitist”, “Exclusive”, image right now which leads to a lot of posts with similar looking cars on the same wheels people are used to seeing over and over..

I am not trying to say I don’t like a car put together with quality parts but I respect a quality build with quality fabrication work as well. How silly would it be to not post an incredibly well built car because the owner chose wheels that won’t cost him a fortune to replace if a pothole puts a bend in them? I think we need to get back to starting to focus on the whole package not just the stand out accessories (like wheels).

Finally I think being myself has helped quite a bit. Early on (very early) I tried to do the whole third person angle but I couldn’t keep it up. I’m just a guy who loves cars and I felt I should come across that way instead of trying to be something I’m not and so I try and stay as grounded as I can and connect with my audience as much as possible and I think that has helped immensely.

Being one of the first to really cover the Toronto scene from all angles also definitely helped with the success.

When checking out Rare Snare remember the discount code ‘low247’ gets you 10% off your purchase!

*Title is in reference to this song, I don’t think I am famous and my head is still normal size. 🙂


  1. Thanks for the insight into SIE. Keep up the great work, I love logging on and checking out each and every post. Also the Facebook updates are great.

    Congrats on getting married.

    Looking forward to another great year of checking out cool stuff on Stance is everything

  2. You hit the nail on the head with your answer. Keep on doing what you do.

    On the quality subject, especially wheels, you even made me change my point of view. I always felt you could ruin a good car with cheap wheels.

    Then you posted that grey EK on rotas from russia a while back. I don’t think any other wheel would have looked nearly as good as those rotas on that car, wow! thanks for opening my eyes haha

  3. valek I don’t think you are alone with that Civic, it turned a lot of heads.

    People often don’t consider how hard it is to get ‘real’ wheels outside of North America and in his case he did the best with what he could get and the result was pretty well amazing.

  4. Damn dude, I know your proof-reading isn’t fantastic and all, but how the hell did this sentence make it through? lol

    “It took me awhile to get through them but eventually I made good on my word and completed the interview which he put up last week sent the answers by and last week.”

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