Supermade does it again


The guys over at Supermade must have a Corrado resource I don’t know about because this is the second one that they have posted this week that’s made me stop in my tracks and throw up a post

These Mercedes Benz AMG wheels, though large, look right at home on this Corrado with the height it’s at, I’m really feelin it.

Biggest wheels I have ever seen look good on a rado

The question is which VW do you prefer more on AMG’s this ‘Rado or Big Pete’s Passat?

Spotted on: supermade


  1. The stance on the corrado is mean iv got a corrado on ronals it sits low but not so close to the arches massive respect points to the guys that acheived supreme stance 😀

  2. german style smoothing at its best i was only just looking at this car the otherday a friend of mine sent me some photos

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