WTF Friday: Allison powered Opel GT


I found this crazy contraption in one of my new favorite threads on VW Vortex, the Insane or Unique motor swap thread. Personally I love when cars are transformed into motors on wheels using power plants that were never meant to power something as small and humble as an automobile.

The internet legend would have it that this 1970 or so Opel GT got hit by a train and instead of ending up in the junk yard for the rest of it’s days an unknown Ohio inventor got a hold of it and put an early P-51 Allison v-12 in the back of it.

Here is an edited version of what was posted on the forums:

Long car is long

“This one of a kind Opel GT, was built sometime in the early seventies by an Ohio inventor. As legend goes this Opel lost a race with a train early in its life and went on to become the donor vehicle of a early P-51 Allison V-12 with (1710 1250 HP.

It has a 10,000 lb release clutch, a custom differential with straight gears, inboard axle mounted disc brakes, independent suspension, and a custom rear cover made of fiberglass and aluminum.

This car was street legal, no roll bars or bracing NOT a drag or race car strictly sight and sound 2000lbs of engine right behind you. “

That's a heck of a lot of motor
Imagine getting this assssssssss out

and because those photos are so small here is a video of the beast trying to start

Question: This Opel or Jay Leno’s tank car?

Site Updates

The home move is more or less complete, and by that I mean all the boxes are here and some rooms are setup. The office is still a mess so I should get off the computer  soon and back to setting that up.

If you ordered any stickers this week yes they will all go out today so if you ordered on Monday sorry for the extra delay in shipping.

My garage build will have to wait a few weeks however since I found out after riding on Tuesday and being in heaps of pain after I went  to the doctor and they told me that that I actually fractured my scaphoid bone three weeks ago when I fell at  a  trail jam  so they put a cast on it.

It’s a bummer but it is what it is, if you see more typos on this blog than usual you can blame it on that 😉

Two weeks of this then more x rays, cool!

Not that the move is done things can start to get back to normal around here, there’s a feature that has been in the works for sometime that now has an excellent chance of seeing the light of day soon.

Myself and everyone involved are very much looking forward to it as it was a blast to do. Without giving to much away I will just say are there any Liberty City fans in the house? 🙂

Flashback Friday

J.P. Ellis over at actually knows exactly how it feels to have a broken schapiod being a downhill rider so I figured I would flashback to the mini feature on his friend Mike’s RWD WRX.

Mike rollin

Subaru uses the beauty of all wheel drive in their sales pitch but that doesn’t mean the owners don’t love the attitude of rear wheel drive! If didn’t see this feature before check it out now.

I’m off to finish the office, have a good weekend and if you are local enter the What Is Sic Ryde: Importfest ticket contest!


  1. nice one with you wrist mate lol i cant wait to start riding again my work contract ends in 12 days so im be able to ride for the first time properly in 3months 😀 ,lol can you imagen trying to park that GT lol

  2. Hey man,
    I know exactly who built your Opel. I used to play in that car as a kid and loved every single car that man built. He was one of the best fabricators of the day, and the best one I have ever known. If you would like more info please email me for a phone number reach me at. Your car was built in Celina Ohio.

  3. i looked at the car when it was for sale back in the 90s old ww2 vet had built it it was in Medina ohio when i looked at it it was very well constructed i should have bought it i love those motors after he died his daughter called me and offered me the car but i passed on it i regret that now!

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