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Owning an 04 means that my car is now a senior Mazda 3, previously wasn’t really too noticeable as the differences from 04-08 are fairly subtle, however now that the 2010’s are out and running around this means that my car is officially old news.

Looking at the 2010s though it’s hard to be bummed about owning a geezer car because not only am I used to it but the younger happier sibling to my car takes very well to modifications as the following Toronto Mazda 3 members have shown.

A drop, lip kit, and set of wheels change the look of these cars from a slap happy grin to a sinister smile.

oOaZuMi0o’s 2010 GS

18s fill the large 2010 wheel wells quite nice
Black, white, polished color scheme working well
The Next Mod flameboy is everywhere

GWN’s 2010

The red accented VIP status wheels are a nice look on the white
While I am not a huge fan of the side skirt extensions on the early gens I like them on the later
Still smiling?
The evil M modification looks fresh again on the 2010s
A little rake never hurt anybody

Floodgatez 2010

Yellow headlight film around here is risky but FG has had no problems
No love for speed bumps
Advan RZ's looking proper.
Commenter Joe said this car reminds him of an angry mouse

joeboy’s speed 3

Even pre color matched lip kit this car looked sick
Nothing but love for the white hatches here 🙂
Sitting on black rpf1s with red lugs this speed looks fantastic

Like the first gen Mazda 3 Nextmod has been right on top of the aftermarket support which means that the hardest part these 3 2010 owners had with getting parts was finding the money.

Give Nextmod and the TM3 crew a little bit longer and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see someone really pushing the stance and fitment game on these cars.


  1. NOT A FAN OF THE CLEAR TAIL LIGHTS 🙁 loveing the yelow head lights on that lil red rocket tho the new shape reminds me of the new seat leon wich are EVERY WERE in spain altho i rairly see them moded in spain only in other euro contries

  2. ughh… the 2010’s.. sorry but the smile on the new 3’s just look hideous. The Pre-2010’s look sooo much better.Mazda should quit production on the facelift and go back to the previous gen.

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