Theme Tuesday: Rig shots


A couple weeks ago, in the “Rolling Shots Part 2Theme Tuesday I made mention of the fact I was working on an all rig shot themed post.

After searching a few forums I have come up with the following collection of photos. You will probably notice that many share the same watermark and that’s because those who take rig shots well take them often.

Rig shots are an art that I do not see myself mastering any time soon so big, big props to all of the photographers as these are awesome shots.

Still have love for the GC chassis
City lights
Wonder if this was taken on a beach?
Shout out to those brave enough to rock CF lips
A little game of cat and mouse
A lot of Subarus today, I know
Clean lookin e46 enjoying a quiet road
Nice lookin ti
I'll take both
Makes me miss my e30
Mmm more e46 love
Man when was the last time I posted a Viper?
Not often you see a straight on rig shot
Ste takes great rig shots
One of the only guys I know doing drift rig shots.
Wow this car is clean
This is slammed.

Expect this to be a reoccurring theme.


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