Battle of Attrition


Awhile back I came to the realization that try as I might living my entire life without owning at least one motorcycle probably isn’t going to happen. The number of motorcycle riding friends I have seems to be increasing at an alarming rate and the machines themselves are just starting to interest me more as time goes on.

I’m doing a good job (well actually my empty wallet is doing a good job) of fighting it off currently but if somehow I ever come into a windfall of cash.. well then Houston we’ve got a problem.

No immediate plans to start posting motorcycles like crazy around here but I there’s just something about this one that makes me want to share it. It’s certainly not the most practical thing in the world with a 1/4 tank and all but practicality has never stopped me from liking a vehicle before.

The simplicity of the whole bike is what I find most appealing
All that is left is what you need to head down the road, turn, and stop
Knee ‘suicide’ shifter is a nice touch, the wood knob tops it off perfect
The die cable knarp is another awesome detail
Something tells me this bike would be lively in the rain…

This bike started as a Soyer 07S 1928 but now is worlds away from that and since motorcycles are not really my area of expertise I will direct you to the Southsiders for more information on the build.

Photos are courtesy of  Guerry Prat Images.


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