Theme Tuesdays: Lexus GS/ Toyota Aristo


I’ve started and stopped this Theme Tuesday probably over ten times no with each attempt getting derailed due to my automotive attention deficit disorder.

To help get things on track I asked Ollie for some help and together we were able to get this one done.

Since I am doing the ‘/ Aristo’ I am going limiting this to first and second gen as they had Toyota counterparts. I will get third and fourth gen the second go round.

I’m not a huge first gen guy but this one is amazing
Colours work together very well
Another first gen from the Black 3 coverage
Posted this back in 2009, still as crazy now as it was then
I like how the GS wears luxury and sporty wheels well
Mr. Cyrious Productions at CSCS
You’ll notice intercoolers behind the bumper of several of the cars posted today
I’m normally not a huge fan of such significant rear camber but a lot of it made it into this post
Seems about time someone slid one of these locally
Shot from Wekfest LA
Damn I love Weds Kranze Bazerias, the pin stripe is a nice touch too
Great photography as well
Great rolling shot of a simple and elegant GS
Another great roller
Modified Magazine feature car
Not just easy on the eyes this car gets driven
Personally I would go with Satin over CF but still a great looking car
Couldn’t have this whole post go buy without something a little over the top from Japan
Another beauty from the guys at Mayday Garage
Crazy exhaust and diffuser on this
Stock quarters
and a little wider…
JP GS sitting on Leon Hardiritt Beils from the 2012 Tuner Evolution show
Another 400 from the same show, I believe this is turbo 2J
Philly GS starting some Chaos at H20i
Another shot sans smoke, This it might be sold now

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