Event Coverage: Black 3 – Presented By Liberty VIP & Luxury Abstract


Since we’ve met Aidan has been slowly introducing me to more and more of the VIP culture so it’s only fitting that he’s the one to bring coverage from one of the largest VIP specific shows in North America, Black 3, to Stance Is Everything.

Black which is held in New Jersey and presented by Luxury Abastract in association with the Liberty VIP car club is aimed at bringing the best VIP builds on the East Coast and abroad to the fore front.

This year was Aidan’s first time attending and he didn’t shy away from capturing as much as possible, I highly doubt he will miss another Black event from here on out.

Hometown Heroes

The Toronto area locals who made it out to Black this year were Aidan, Steve, and Chris along with their co pilots Enrickk, Sheldon, Herman, Aruhn and Chris’ girlfriend. They all convoyed up together while Sharad of SK Performance made the trek solo.

During the excursion three out of the four vehicles managed to pick up some battle scars between here and New Jersey, sucks to roll hard.

Chris was the only one to make it to and from New Jersey unscathed
Sharad –with help from the NY roads– made a complete mess of his passenger front wheel on his way home
Aidan managed to kill a wheel bearing and pick up a small crack in his bumper
and Steve almost managed to make it back home before popping a bead about 20km from the border


Like any great show Black 3 couldn’t have gone down without sponsorship so here is a look at some of the sponsors displays

Espos powder coating does all the custom work for Luxury Abstract
VIP’d Out in attendance with merchandise and custom tables
Liberty / Luxury Abstract, the presenting sponsors
Luxury Abstract’s Grassor C


Though Black is a VIP the non VIP cars in attendance this year were also pretty appealing.

One of several creative plates from New York
B4 on LM20s, a slightly lesser seen CCW wheel
Wide body e46 that I swear I have seen elsewhere…

Non traditional VIP platforms

As the VIP style starts to work its way around the globe people are applying traditional VIP styling cues and mindset to more platforms than ever before.

Like all of the more traditional platforms all of these were built with an extreme attention to detail.

Mike of Liberty’s newest ride, a CLK 63 AMG Black Series
Aidan alongside a female IS300 owner
Tire companies must love VIP cars
Steve tucking hard beside an static TL
A better shot of Steve’s trunk set-up versus the one I took at the Rockstar event
Don’t see too many of these CL’s modified
Like the way this shot turned out
Crazy tuck out back of this Accord
Matt wrapped G35
This 350 has been taking the net by storm lately thanks to those huge (19×10/12) uniquely finished Grassors-C’s
Who knew the 929 would take so well to VIP treatment? Obviously this owner
Brandywine Previa
One of two very wild SC430s
Based on pictures this is one of my favourite vehicles of the event, on the ground, clean, and great fitment
Nicely executed interior as well
Great install too, love the upholstery around the tank

Traditional Platforms

Moving onto more traditional platforms.

Sharad leading off a lineup
M sedan standing out among to pair of Lexsus’
Looks like a trifecta of Luxury Abstract wheels
Infiniti on very aggressive VIP Modular wheels, beautiful paint colour on this
M45, very tastefully done
The Luxury Abstract plate frame is a nice touch here
One more Infiniti on VIP Modular wheels, like the colour combination
First gen GS/Aristo
and another
Accurate plate is accurate
New York rolls hard
Whoever does the fender work in NY has got their game down pat
Ride slow or Rides Low?
Luxury Abstract Chaos wheels on ‘The Philly GS’
So nice
So much tasteful aggressive fitment at Black
Team Solo GS
Love the Junction Produce curtains over the amps
Classier than my dinning room…
Every picture of this car had a significant crowd around it

Ty’s GS400

I’ve decided to break off a few of the cars I ‘know’ via the Liberty VIP blog into their own sections, first up Ty’s crazy GS400 which is easily recognizable by it’s Liberty VIP pinstripe and red guts.

Peep the rebuild of this car here
This interior was done…. then he did it again

Max’s RL

This car was first posted on the Liberty blog a couple years ago and looked quite a bit different then but it was still pretty wild for an RL. The latest additions –which include new wheels, and fender work– just compliment the Mode Parfume kit and Air Runner suspension it had before.

It was also finished the day before the show.

Dreamakers did a great job with the work on this car
The work required to get the rear wheels to fit as they do was pretty extensive
Great looking car

Will’s SC430

I will end the Black 3 coverage with this SC430 that has changed significantly since last year when it was white. I never really saw much potential in this car but my opinion now has certainly changed.

Bazreia’s wedged under those beautifully formed fenders
Equally crazy fitment out back
Proper trunk and air install
This car is the complete package really

Once again big thanks to Aidan for contributing the coverage to the site and making the trek to Black.

Parting shot, Aidan and Steve swung by the Springfield Nuclear plant on the way home.


  1. nice coverage and high end cars, the KA9 and especially the 929 stand out as they are less common as a VIP platform.

    btw are those racinghart CRs on that previa? cool wheel choice.

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