Event Coverage: Rockstar Motorsports Charity Show And Shine


I’ve heard good things about Rockstar Motorsports through Brett, Kiwee, and Neil but up until Saturday I had never actually been to the shop myself so after helping (standing around) Lyndsey with a photo shoot we rolled the new support vehicle over to the Rockstar facility in Oakville to see what was up.

The turnout was better than I expected which was great to see because it was a charity event aimed at helping a family that recently lost someone to cancer.

I ended up running into a lot of familiar faces (both automotive and BMX) and having a good time even though I was only there for about and hour or so.

Definitely looking forward to checking out the next show Rockstar has.

Personally I think this wheel colour would be better suited on a white or cream car but I’m a sucker for a Boser hood
This Jetta is at nearly every show Nine O Five is at
Reppin’ for So Fresh
While he’s been in the UK Neil’s car has been at Rockstar and they have done a few modifications done to it
His trunk has changed quite a bit since his mid summer feature, the wood floor is a nice touch


This Caddy was sitting out in front of the venue, and was the first vehicle that caught my eye
Hard to ignore those giant wire wheels
Clever air set-up is clever
Ha. Different strokes.
Duster with the classic American muscle stance
Paying gas for this must not be fun
I think this may be one of (if not the) the only bagged third gen Camaros in the area
Clean install by Low Key
Kiwee’s Flex sitting all by it’s lonesome
Not a bad family hauler at all, more of this soon


I never actually went and looked what those flyers said now that I think about it…
Squeaky Clean’s daily driver
I’ve been taking a lot of photos of Steve’s car lately…
But I don’t think I have included a shot of his air set-up yet
Sharad recently got his car out of the Rockstar Shop, and it looks great… now if his OZs would come out of unicorn status.


Surprisingly good truck turnout at this show that I wasn’t really expecting, got to see a few builds I’ve been wanting to all year.

I need the plate on this truck in my life
This would be a decent road trip vehicle, lots of bikes could fit in that bed
This something a little different and it would look even better on the floor
I’m still kind of blown away at how well these tails go with the s10s body lines
Street Outlawz S10
Low Class Customz reppin’

I’ve been hoping to see the ‘Dirty Cox Customs‘ Bronco all year and I finally got a chance to see it on Saturday
Unique in a great way is pretty much the only way to describe this build
Don’t think there is another Bronco like this anywhere…
This Mazda is also a really awesome build
The bay is shaved and tubbed which keeps things looking really clean under hood
And the wood grain details throughout the truck are a great touch
The suspension set-up is also pretty wild, there are four bags but the ones attached to rams are actually for the front suspension and push hydraulic fluid. Pretty slick.

This was actually the first of two shows I did fly-bys at on Saturday so look out for the Squeaky Clean coverage next week.


  1. Awesome coverage, happy everyone enjoyed the day and we raised $7992.00 that day so thank you to all that supported. Lookin to have another show in the spring and maybe another later on in 2013. Thanks again for the amazing shots. P.S. We did the Caddy also lol

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