Mind Blown


I’d like to think I have a fairly broad knowledge of vehicle makes and models but every week I seem to be introduced to something new, or stumble upon a generation of a current (or past in this case) model I never knew existed.

Case in point this first generation Prelude.

When I read a thread titled ‘Old School Preludemy mind goes to something like this, not this:

I am not sure about you but I’ve never seen one of these before period. Not on line, not in person, not ever and I’m completely flabbergasted that one of these exists alive and well in Ottawa.

I could see some cool things being done to this car and based on the wheel choice it looks as though the owner is already headed in the right direction.

Photo Credit: b.photography

Obligatory low car content: I think the Civic below belongs to the photographer.


  1. I remember these, but most of them rotted away years ago. My old sitter’s son had a navy blue one when I was a kid (late 80s). I actually saw one in ns between Halifax and Bridgewater last year. But when I hear “old Prelude”, I’m taken back to the ’83 my parents had when I was a kid.

  2. What a pretty car, I am such a sucker for old Hondas! Dave, the mechanical 4WS years were 88-91 (3rd gen). It was a $1500 option. Wish I had it on my ’90. (Glad I don’t when it’s time to get an alignment.)

    • It’s funny third gen has always been my second gen no knowing these existed. Kind of an expensive option, a guy in my highschool had it on his slammed prelude that was on VW wheels. I remember being intrigued by it.

      Thanks for the history lesson!

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