Theme Tuesdays: H20 International Favourites 2012


I didn’t go to H20i again this year, no excuse really, I just plain couldn’t afford it due to recent purchases and trip to Vegas (read: SEMA) at the end of this month.

So similar to last year I did a quick perusal of photo threads and compiled a short list of cars I liked.

Oddly enough most of which don’t appear to be at the show itself just in and around Ocean City.

I love the simplicity of this
Some people say R32’s should not be lowered, I am not one of those people
Rotiform uploaded a photo of the wheels on this car about a week ago, it is certainly a different look

Photo Credit: Mr. Barker

One of the sexiest looking TI’s I have ever seen (though if it were me I’d forgo the roof wrap)
Really this whole post could have just different angles of this car

Photo Credit: carreraboy911 on

Full polished equips still tempt me daily
I actually posted this for the bug but the Golf ain’t bad either

Photo Credit: GeniusGZA on

Going to assume this is a wrap , never seen that colour before though Turns out it is paint thanks Valek and CIB
Need. More. Info.

Photo Credit:

G’ shit

Photo Credit:  Mattew M on VW Vortex

Simply incredible.
Stephen of the Scraped Crusaders

Photo Credit: p1nk50ck on

Speaking of SC…
Cars like this really make me want to grab an old 5… maybe if I win big in Vegas or something
Beautiful choice of colours, and interesting headlight tint
Damn that’s a lot of polish
Very classy

Photo Credit: truthcanbeboughtphotography

Crown Jewels don’t appear often enough

Photo Credit: Vag Motorsport

and finally the H20 Top Dawg more photos of it can be seen here

Photo Credit:  livinzlyfe

Reader Justin Anthony in Ocean City
Thought I would end with this picture of a motor swap over the weekend of the event

Look for more favourites on the fanpage as the week goes on and more coverage pops up.

Hopefully I have credited all of the photographers correctly.


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