Event Coverage: CSCS 2012 Finale – Part: 2


As I mentioned in part one CSCS finale events are always some of the most exciting to attend and heading into this rounds CSCS I had visions of shooting the track coverage from different locations than I had at previous events.

Sadly, a bum (fractured) foot, and a disturbingly cool breeze, put a bit of a damper on those plans and I spent most of my time camped at familiar corners. I’m still pretty happy with most of these shots though and shooting from on the track as a whole.

Drag Racing

I’ve come to the realization that in cover drag effectively I am going to have to arrive to the track a little bit earlier so that each event gets it’s fair shake, but my lack of coverage aside the drag strip was busy all day.

Got to witness this EF run it is indeed as fast as Lesley stated from the last round
This RX-7 has a V8 in it I’ve heard it rumbling around a few meets but have not seen under the hood yet…
I didn’t get a chance to see much Ameircan Metal run through the strip but I did catch this
Both of these cars were quick and I think the civic ended up being too quick (for what he dialled in at) and losing to the Integra
Drag bikes are insanely fast, which means I would love to try one. I would probably not live to tell the tale

Time Attack

Arguably the time attack battle of the day was the one between Speedstar Racing team-mates Sasha Anis and Kimi Quin but the classes were exciting all around as people looked to lock away year end championships and break or set records.

Richard Nadeau in the Touge Tuning car
Teknotik’s Type R was running fast as usual and won unlimited FWD
Kensai Racing RSX
One person in this photo appears to not enjoy their limbs…
Kensai Racing Civic
I’m sure some people would argue this car is too low to perform but it seems to do damn fine as it got 5th in super street rear wheel drive
Looks like the Lownatics are less focused on hard parking and more hard driving these days
I believe this is Brian Wong in his street Evo as the one he drove last year is still in the shop Ivan Wu from Alpha Motorsports
JRP/HSD RX-7 driven by James Kutschke took second place unlimited rear wheel drive
Such a great looking, sounding, and performing car
As I mentioned on facebook it’s always rare to see a Talon of any generation these days, more so out on the track
This one was driven by Paul Loeffelholz and took home third place unlimited all wheel drive
Dov put down a time of 1:15.019 which landed him second place in unlimited all wheel drive
Sasha ended up beating his previous track record of 1.13.9 with a lap time of 1.13.5 which was pretty damn impressive considering he had to swap transmissions earlier in day
Kimi Qin took home first place unlimited all wheel drive and set a track record with a time of 1.13.1


All of the drivers that made it into the finals were very consistent which made for tight competition and an enjoyable demo once everything was all said and done. Thanks to all of the drivers for not running me over this year, I appreciate it.

Other than the lack of front bumper this car looks extraordinarily clean for a drift car
Pat mentioned that this AE86 was basically stock powered, if that’s the case the owner does a great job of putting the car through it’s paces
Pat also had no shame admitting his biased love for this car… can’t imagine why
Ryan Stock seems to always be one of those drivers I have no issue getting decent photos of
All of his runs are basically identical which makes them easy to shoot
Ryan and Mr. Hoodz and Chrome had the closest tandems of the day
Part of me wishes they ran this battle a few more times to see just how close the two of them could get
During the demo this car got a little loose and almost took out a couple photographers a few feet ahead of me
Stoked to see Riley’s truck running well for the finale because it is just cool as hell to see a truck out sliding
He was the lone Cool Kids Club driver of the day with Anthony’s car out for the season and Chris waiting on a tow thanks to the MTO
Dylan is never one to hold back during the demo
You can’t see it here but his ‘headlights’ were actually speakers at this event
Brad Paauw  took home third place for this round
Which was well deserved as he put down solid runs all day
He also put on a good show in the demo
Marin would up on top of the podium with Francsico (chase car) getting the two spot
Marin chasing down Francsico on his way to number 1
Riley looking for some help from a short scientologist
After setting the track record Kimi took his Scuderia out for some celebratory doughnuts to close out the day

Congrats to the CSCS team for another successful season, and a huge thanks for keeping the site involved every stop as well as the mic shout outs and love on the website.

I had a great time at each event this year and I’m looking forward to 2013!



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