Event Coverage: CSCS 2012 Finale – Part: 1


The CSCS season finale is always an exciting event to attend because while some are gunning to set records on the track others are looking to secure year end awards in the show and shine.

For myself, and several others, the excitement began on the way to the track with a surprise emissions and safety spot check from the Ministry of Transportation positioned right off the highway exclusively for modified cars.

Getting pulled over on the way to an event sucks, and it’s a pretty low thing for the police department to do, but I actually ended up passing through the whole ordeal in about ten minutes sans ticket so I feel blessed.

When I did arrive at Toronto Motorsports Park I was happy to see that the MTO didn’t put a damper on the festivities and plenty of people made it past the roadblock to send off the season.

Due to popular demand the finale coverage will start with the pits and show and shine with track action saved for last.


As usual I wandered around the pit area just a little bit and grabbed a few photos of a few of track cars sitting still, managed to grab an interesting one that I will post up on Friday.

Shot this from the food line, my telephoto lens proved to be handy this day
Mark’s car caught fire early in the day, sad end of the season for him
Kimi Qin’s ultimate all wheel drive GTR ready to take to the track
I love the JRP FD, this is not new news
The street prepped one that was parked beside it later that day wasn’t too bad either
S2000 cooling down after a long day

Show & Shine

The finale show and shine was quite busy and I was pleasently surprised to see a couple cars out that I had a chance to see out throughout the year.

Very nice Audi
Would have loved to see the  BMW wheels all around
This sticker would be a whole lot funnier on a lip not made of garden edging….but still amusing
I often take photos of this car and never get around to editing them, but this one turned out ok
Gary’s e46 comes out of retirement more than Jordan did back in the day
It looks as though this car has lost it’s N/A bumpers… thank god!
370 on ‘Stance’ wheels which are promoted in the states by the model know as Titila McBoob by Joey over at The Chronicles
Tony Ho chillin
Tom with his hood down,a picture I don’t often get a chance to take
Ty’s Legacy… which reminds me I ought to check up on his other build..
Shayan and Erik
Did such a good job with the wrap
If I am not mistaken this car has had a few different wheels this season, these ones work well though
Adam recently (as in days before the show) supercharged XB
He also added a few screens to his hatch
Nextmod / Maruychi Auto R35 with it’s worth more than my car bodykit
Up until meeting of the Mazdas I don’t recall seeing this car, now I see it at almost every event
Nextmod s2000 that managed to slip away from the main lineup
NM’s lineup as the day comes to a close… speaking of coming to a close the season is about to end and no NextMod BBQ?
The man behind Cyrious Productions drives this Lexus
Sam’s Genesis
Aggressive rear
Lukasz and Paul made the trek out for the Stretch & Poke Fitted Showcase
Just so you know, the new So Fresh Automotive Mascot is a miniature goat.
So Fresh may also be sponsored by PBR
Matt and James out front of the Meguair’s Canada booth
Finally got to see this e30 up close, a little battle worn but I can dig it
Early arches >
So this is where Blain’s CCWs ended up…
Speaking of Blain, he has done it again with his latest choice of wheels
Many liked his Bazreia’s but there is no denying these Equips fit damn well

Alex’s SC400

Alex finally got his SC together and out to an event after a rough year of waiting for parts to arrive and everything to fall together. He’s got most of the kinks worked out now if you don’t count his sun roof which decided open is the only way it wants to live life.

He’s running 18×10.5 and 18×12 on his SC now
255/35s back there
The lips are custom which is part of the reason it took so long to pull everything together

Gary’s Ranger

I’ve been looking at photos of Gary’s truck online for awhile now and I finally got to see it in person for the first time at the finale. He was willing to drag it for me to take some photos as well but the clean bit of concrete we wanted to use (the track) was still being used.

Next time.

Very clean looking build and it sits really nice, but he says next year it’s going to tuck bigger wheels
Super clean bed setup, which may also get a makeover
Badge win
My personal favourite shot of the entire show and shine

Track photos will be up later this week, hopefully tomorrow, but latest Friday.

…still can’t believe I didn’t get pulled for being too low!


  1. fuck my car does not deserve to be in any of these pictures in that condition. Needs more grilles and some pain on the fmic.
    oh well.

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