Event Coverage: Importfest 2011 Part:1


Is there such thing as a car show hangover? If so that is what I have after this years Importfest Toronto. This has always been a show that people look forward too but I felt as though this year people were anticipating it even more than usual.

I think the increased amount of anticipation was due to the hard work the Ifest team put in beforehand  promoting the show online and at events, as well as the announcement of several ‘feature‘ cars coming to the show from both within the GTA area and abroad.

Personally I was looking forward to the show as it would be my first time attending the show on setup day, and it was an opportunity to meet a huge number of readers for the first time. It’s always cool to see what you guys have to say about the site.

Today’s coverage is most of the behind the scenes stuff though a little of that might trickle into part two as well.

This vibe speaker wall is a big reason why my throat hurts today, it is LOUD
The Acurabot made it's return to Importfest to compete in the 'Elite' category
I think I heard an audible snap when the guy in the striped shirt int he background turned his head
Sic Ryde had a huge setup this year, his area was flooded with people (and models) Saturday
This Civic stopped me in my tracks the last CSCS and did the same at Importfest, it's immaculate and heavily modified
This Civic was one of three dope cars in the 'Stretch & Poke!' area
So Fresh Automotive was nearly done setting up there lineup when I passed by
Brightest Speed 3 ever, did very well when it came down to awards
This Maxima is crazy, the people next door at Fanexpo would have got a kick out of it
Importfest supporting their local Chop Shop
A3 obsession continues...

Scion Tuner Challenge 2011

I’m not sure how many of you guys have been following this challenge but the cars were all complete and debuted at Importfest. While all quite different stylistically they are all good examples of what can be done on the various Scion platforms.

My goes to the Team TDS ‘Chocolate Love’ because they are a team made up of local OGs.

Kryptonite by Camo customs out of Quebec
Anarchy by the SR auto group from BC
Chocolate love by Team TDS out of right here in Toronto
3/4 of the Chocolate love car

Nine-O-Five Rides

The Nine-0-Five Rides team are regulars at Importfest so this years was no exception. I know a couple of the guys in this group personally and know how hard they worked to get their cars ready for the show so it was good to see they all were able to make it.

Erik recently finished his turbo setup and was straight piped at IF so you could hear him coming in
Quick look at Erik's new Turbo setup
Eric and Ty parked and ready for the next day
Not sure if I have seen this Celica before, new addition?
I know the Acurabot was in the house but Alex's car went through one hell of a Transformation
I hear there is an interoffice lowest car contest where he works and now he's a little closer to the top...

Explicit Conentz

The Exclusive Wheel and Tire backed Explicit Contentz team had a bunch of unique vehicles including a very quick Kia which I will have more photos of tomorrow and Mina’s recently featured GTI along with a golf with an A3 front end.

The body work on this car was incredibly well done even with the hood popped it looked factory
Mina and the above mentioned boosted Kia

Toronto Subaru Club

TSC had it’s own team this year, they also had a meet the day after which I wasn’t able to attend but Spyder01 was if you want to check that out.

Chris' hawk eye is considerably lower than the last time I saw it and still amazing
Chris pointed out that there are no WRB Subaru's in this whole line up, go figure.

Division R Performance

A lot of Division R was already there when I showed up but a few cars were still rolling in that I didn’t get a chance to shoot. Their area was pretty live during the show though thanks to the support from Cherry Sounds.

Met Tim,a reader with a very heavily modified Protege
Two very fitted G35s
This was one of the best applications of a smoke machine I have ever seen at a car show
This looks 1000 times better than the cotton ball trick people were using late 90s


Nextmod got their familiar spot this year and brought out a lot of their show regulars with a few new additions.

Nextmod is big in the Mazda 3 community so they always have a couple in the show with them
Shea was the first person to rock the new sticker on his 2010
White cars still make up a lot of the Nextmod lineup
But they do include a few other cars
Setting track records one weekend winning car show trophies the next...
If you don't recognize this car take a look at the feature from early this summer
Advan's gone, ADV.1's installed, and dropped, Peter was busy!

Level One

Level One has some of the most recognizable low and aggressively fit cars in the area and they brought them all out for IF.

Serious front line
Dan's s2000 had some paint work done before the show and looked absolutely flawless
Got Ass?
I love the LM's on the first car and the Civic is my favorite of that generation locally hands down

Liberty VIP

If you followed the fan page this weekend you know I spent a decent amount of time with the guys from Liberty VIP. I plan to dedicate an entire post to them in the not too distant future but I couldn’t leave them out of this post.

Going through the photos I have of these cars alone is going to take some time…. here’s a couple.

Brett, one of the local members, initially parked his LS400 upstairs
This year I really took notice at just how clean this car is
Eventually he made it down to what would be Liberty VIP's permanent home for the show, the lobby
Still want, still can't afford.
This car is straight up insane in person, insane.

Hope you enjoyed this collection of pre show photos. Tomorrow’s Theme Tuesday will be Importfest related and potentially NSFW so be sure to check that out, then Wednesday I will get into the coverage from Saturday.


  1. You’ve snubbed the “Street Outlawz” completely here. Little disapointed…. they’ve got some nice cars.

  2. Unintentional. There is actually a yellow e36 I recall in Street Outlawz that I wanted to take a picture of but I must have got distracted

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