Theme Tuesdays: Women of Importfest 2011


A locally based ‘women of’ Theme Tuesday was long over due considering the last one was all about the women of The BKK auto show.

On paper Importfest this year seemed like the perfect place to get lots of model pictures as there were two lingerie contents and a go go dance competition taking place of Saturday.

However I quickly learned that to get anywhere near a decent photo of either of those events I would have needed a zoom lens and a ladder.

So instead I just asked a few of the models around the show if they would like to strike a pose, of course I also capitalized on others asking the models the same thing.

In addition to cars the Sic Ryde area had lots of women
Alex told me he was involved in some sort of contest but I think he just wanted an excuse for women to touch his ass
The model was nice though and struck this pose after
Yokohama model who almost looks annoyed at me though I asked
I ride BMX with this models significant other, small world
I wish the lighting in this area was better
Too many people out in front of these girls so I had to shoot from the side
Got this new filter for my camera, it blurs distracting males out of the shot
Seems to work alright
For awhile the whole Nextmod area was crawling with women
I missed the second round of models that came by right before the awards though
This girl went from fully clothed to posing in front of Jermain'es y33 in a flash
I suppose that is the power of owning a nice car
One more for the road
Seeing Amy Fay in person... I can see why she is so popular
Again a zoom lens would have been awesome...

That’s the end of the creeper shots, back to cars tomorrow.


  1. I’m glad you said under the pic of one she “seemed”annoyed.” I was at this year’s Importfest most of the day.
    I was discussing this with some people before I saw your blog. I got the impression lots(not all)were just unapproachable this year. Just the vibe I got as if they didn’t want to be there.
    At first I thought maybe it was me but I’ve heard that complaint from others as well.
    By the way last year’s(Importfest 2010)the models were very welcoming and approachable if you wanted a picture taken with any of them. Truly a big difference in their attitude and why I didn’t approach those for a photo if they seemed as if they wanted to be anywhere but Importfest 2011.
    However, I still had a great time!!!!

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