Japan Still Needs Our Help


While the devastation in Japan from a few months ago may not still be fresh in all of our minds, the residents of Japan still need as much aid as possible.

So with that in mind, David Yee of Richmond Hill has taken it upon himself to assemble custom engraved flip keys (made from existing parts) to sell in order to help aid Japan.

Recently he sent a set over some prototypes of the keys he is selling as fundraisers for me to check out, along with photos of some he made for a local car club.

The ones I received are fittingly engraved with ‘STANCE IS EVERYTHING’ and ‘I LIKE ‘EM DROPPED’ and are semi pre-production versions that were made before he started countersinking the bolts (which is how they will be sold).

The badges will be available in several colors.

The flip keys, which arrive with a dummy key blank, can be fitted for almost any vehicle that uses ‘regular’ car keys.

If the car does not use an immobilizer chip, it will be as simple as getting a key copy and having it cut and shaped to fit the holder, people with chip keys will only be able to use these as emergency door keys and not ones that will start the vehicle.

David has a sponsor for this project in the west end of Toronto who has volunteered to help him by getting key copies made at no extra cost to buyers.

Two versions will be available – one without a working key ($30) and one with a working key ($50). This is to allow people who simply want a small souvenir and contribute to be able to do so at a lower cost.

To keep costs down and fund raising dollars high David assembles all of these in house as a labor of love. If you want to help David in his quest to raise as much money for Japan as possible contact him at: [email protected]

Anything we can do as people and enthusiasts is a big help so hats off to David for doing this.


  1. if you saw the sample pic he did for TTS mine is the black one, says GRAFXX MCRR… it’s countersunk w/ black screws, carbon wrapped, very sick. everybody loves it.

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