Event Coverage: Importfest 2011 Pt: 2


Here’s the second part of the 2011 Importfest coverage (well third if you include the women). Compared to last year the first thing I noticed when I showed up at Importfest this year was how incredibly busy it was.

While this is obviously awesome it made getting clear photos a little harder than usual, but with some patience I was able to put in work. I tried my best not to re shoot too many of the same cars from the previous coverage so that those who didn’t make the show could get an idea of the variety of cars IF brings out.

I considered breaking this one up into two parts but most people have connections that can handle 50 photos at a time so it seemed unnecessary. However this might not be the best day to browse the site on your phone without ‘borrowing’ some wifi.

Because show car

The opposite of because race car?

Can you tell what this started as?
Closer look at the Acura bot, the airbrushing on the side is pretty well done
Vortech supercharger shares space under the hood with screen and speakers
I'm a pretty big Transformers fan so seeing this nod to the original movie (1984) in the hatch was pretty cool
Snapped this shot of it closed up with the wheels on as I was leaving

Under hood and ICE

Couple motor shots I got and trunk shots of vehicles that I didn’t get full shots of.

If I recall this is the motor setup on the Lancer in the Toyo lineup
Supercharged G35 I saw at CSCS a few weeks back
This is a JVC demo CRZ , you may have seen me pushing it around on the facebook page
Team TDS Scion Trunk, pretty dope
The interior was also pretty stylish


This VW from Team Refugee took home a few awards in it's class
Toyo golf once again
Sic watching over the rydes
One of many cars Sic drove into the show
One of two Importfest BMWs
Girl in the background making funny faces
Bimmersports' euro e36 M3
and their drop top 1 series
This Audi from STD standard on Forgiatos was pretty wild
First fully tagged car I have seen locally
Pretty interesting looking final result


It was weird to see this F20 ae86 but not the black and white one
Adam hollered at me on facebook so I was able to track him down in person
Clean build and he got more vinyl for the rack
Took me until today to realize that this car was is the blue Trial Widebody wrapped in black
These Maximas go pretty well stock can't imagine how this goes... I reckon bat out of hell
Bit of a Ferrari vibe going on with the wheels on this 300zx


This is a friend of a friend's car nice to meet you Alvin
Not your typical Kia
Boosted, wire tucked, Kia with a Ducati coil plug conversion 12" Wilwoods all around too


Nice e36 and Infiniti from 905 rides, the Infiniti owner had a silver one before this I liked a lot too
Wrapped Infiniti in the Road Magnet booth
I waited a long time to get this shot on show day, should have done it the night before in hindsight
Division R must have a decent tire sponsor because most of them have tons of camber


Almost missed this RX-7 that is putting down some serious power to the wheels
This widebody Veliside RX-7 was recent in Pasmag and won the Meguairs challenge that was going on not too long ago


Game Over in the Stretch and Poke line up
Dan took off his hood for showtime, clean, he also brought home third in aggressive fitment
Managed to get a shot of this Accord coupe with no one around
Elevated Acura
Brian bringing some Cali style to Toronto
Great looking build, really came together well
TL from Nextmod
Importfest is a long day so people begin to go a little nutty...
Finally got to meet Javed the owner of this Acura, very nice guy and rocked the vinyl for the show


Just one, but it’s sick!

This Impala is one of the best rides Sic has ever brought to a show
Hardlines setup with some audio mixed in

Now that we are at the end of the coverage I am sure some of you are wondering where the heck all of the Liberty VIP cars are, well half are still being edited and half are with another media outlet in the hopes that they will run some of the coverage both to give exposure to Liberty VIP and second to Stance Is Everything.

However as part of that deal I had to agree to run them after they post so I’m playing a bit of a waiting game, while I wait I might re edit a couple of my favorite shots from the event in higher resolutions so don’t be surprised if you see a ‘re-up’ post in the not so distant future.

Once again thanks to Basit at Imporfest for having me out again this year, and thanks to everyone at the show who rocked Stance Is Everything stickers at the show and those who came and introduced themselves.

Special mention goes to the out of towners Will from Mod For Life and J Kirby Pablo from intuned online.

This year was a blast and maybe next year I will actually put my car in the show, or maybe even try and secure a few spots for some cars. Time will tell.


  1. “It was weird to see this F20 ae86 but not the black and white one”

    lol i dont uinderstand this post

    nontheless, good coverage!

  2. I like the panda AE. Dunno if I like the green one, owner is kinda whack. LOL

    No hate here (Friend and Originator of the “Aquafresh” name of the green AE.)

  3. First one there was a first gen ford probe. I know I’m right cause I saved the pic for my cousin (he loves them) and that’s what you called it to lol.

  4. Lol Dave that’s Navin’s AE86, it’s always at Cscs.

    I love that probe! EST always brings it hard when they come to IF!

  5. That first one is a first-gen Probe, but I could only tell in the other post with the model in front of it.
    That red Accord coupe looks sweet! I always knew they’re great-looking cars with the right rims on it…
    Good job on the coverage!

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