Aussie Rules


It’s my understanding that being a car enthusiast in Australia isn’t exactly easy.

The rules down under about what can and can’t be done to a car are incredibly strict and the cars I so love to post her on SIE constantly run the risk of being defected (pulled off the road) at any moment.

I’m aware Australia isn’t the only place with laws such as this but Australia’s particular set of rules seems to be incredibly strict which is why any time I see an awesome car from Australia I am that much more impressed.

Take this Miata for example; it’s boosted, flared, low, equipped with a crazy looking exhaust, and generally looks aggressive as all hell. For an officer looking to fill his monthly ticket quota this car is a dream come true but does that mean the owner trailers it from track event to track event?

Heck no.

He throws some tires on the trunk lid drives it to the track , flogs it, and drives it back collecting defect tickets all the while.

It’s cars like this that make me want to visit Australia.

That, the beer, and the awesome skate parks.

More on this car on Stance|Works.

Australia is a great place to be if you are thinking  of selling your  car online. Despite all it’s rules and eager cops waiting to crack down they have a number of great cars that North America (utes especially ) didn’t get which makes it a fantastic place to buy and sell.  Whether it be a new project or daily driver there’s certainly no shortage of vehicles in Australia.


  1. Glad somebody gave this car some appreciation. I read thru the build thread the other day and absolutely loved it. An NA miata and S10 are the 2 cars on the project list.

  2. Maybe this police officer should put his talents to better use? Not everyone can show proof of something that was long thought impossible… too low and tyres too wide? Maybe he should be an engineer or a rocket scientist. Maybe he’ll discover that gravity isn’t really that much of a burden after all. Imagine what he could do with the world’s water and food shortage problems!

  3. Very awesome car, there seem to more and more MX5’s appearing in this style in Aus.

    Welcome to the world of modified cars in Aus Fast Phil..

    We have some cool cars that North America didn’t get, but you guys and Japan have plenty of good ones we didn’t get.

    I hope to see some more Aus cars fetured on the site..

  4. Yeah, our laws are draconian to say the least. Biggest problem is that coppers defect on suspicion – it’s their judgement on the side of the road. Once you’re ticketed you have to pay an inspection station to clear the defects. Not a system that could possibly be open to abuse at all…

    But big thumbs up for the drive he did. Tweed Heads to Sydney via the Pacific Highway road takes in some of the more vicious coppers in the country. So many major accidents on that one because of the Sydney holiday traffic going north. Whenever I head north I take the inland route through New England. Scenery is just as good – but less traffic and less nervous coppers. And my Dingo (lost him to a brain tumor at 16 years old this March) used to love that drive 😛

  5. Cops that know what they’re looking at? Hahaha. You say funny stuff. I’ve been defected for having a stock V8 in a Falcon (the coppers didn’t believe that particular Falcon came with a V8). On the other hand, my old Mini had a race motor that I dressed as standard and I never once got defected, even though it barely idled. Some coppers know what they’re doing, but mostly they just defect based on what looks modified.

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