Theme Tuesdays: Rolling Shots Part 2


One of my favorite parts of the original Transformers series was when Jazz, or Optimus, would assemble a group of Autobots to go on a mission, more specifically when Optimus would yell ‘Roll out!’ before they would drive off into the sunset ready to whoop up some Decipticons.

What does this have to do with today’s Theme Tuesday?

Nothing really I just felt like sharing, enjoy this second edition of rolling shots for this Tuesday.

Very clean e46
The fitment on this e46 is just as epic as the sunset
Mini on RMs?
The Mark III Supra body style is slept on
Switching gears here is a hammered s10
And a smooth full size Chevy
Quite like the black hard top on white
s2000 and CCWs are almost always a winning combo
This almost made the rig shots Theme Tuesday that is in the works
Foxy Tuner would be into this
One crazy ass Ranger
Ha what?
Well that's one use for a quick release

Check back later today for the rest of the Nextmod Anniversary coverage.


  1. i wish new minis didnt have soo much feckin blacl plastic on them makes em look cheep as shit kick ass photo tho and the supras well there new roalty these days cant get enough of them!

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