Nextmod Anniversary Coverage Pt 2


Here is part two of the coverage from the Nextmod 1 year anniversary BBQ that went down last Sunday August 15 2010.

Today’s coverage has all of the brands I missed yesterday with stand outs including the Infiniti and Lexus crowd who brought out some serious low, flush, rides.

Mercedes Benz

The local wheel powder coater in the area brought out his latest project/promo car
It certainly is unique, we were talking wheel/drop options that would work with the finish
Looks like we've got another Batman fan
I might have to take a trip over to and see what those guys are up too
Simple yet effective


This s14 was also at stretch and poke, very aggressive.
Well done 350
White on blue looks great and the diffuser is a nice touch


Clean early 3 sedan
Hatch sittin on sportlines
Jon Jons new look, not too many people run this front bumper
Ryan changed up his ride yet again, this time with some camo
TM3 guys have wasted no time with the 2010s
A sinister smile
I'm going to say RX-8s are some of the best looking oem rims ever...
Floodgatez on his way out, this car has changed a lot in a short period


Lexus looking great on a set of Work VS-(kf?) wheels
IS300's are such a versatile platform, they look great many different styles
To the victor goes the spoils, Peter's new rims look fantastic.
Rolled in with Mr. ING, necks snapped when he pulled up
He's got the internet goin' nuts right now

For more pictures of the above Lex check out the shoot on the Scraped Crusaders.


Blain's got his front end back together and looking clean
I have no idea how he got in here at this height
Proper Specs.
G on Raderwerks
No parking and no dumping, both rules broken here

That’s it for all of my Nextmod coverage, big thanks to everyone who I met and who purchases stickers hope you like em!


  1. Haha the owner of the S14 was the guy yelling? I wonder what got him to lose it so bad like Mel Gibson.

    The Lexus GS is running on VS-KF. The are 18×9 +20 and 18×10 +20. He is actually selling them w/o tires for $2gs…..haha get it 2gs? (it is the price and also the chassis nick name lol)

  2. Nice Pics! I own the Grey G on meisters and let me tell you that the 401 + being an inch off the ground do not mix lol. Static drop FTW

  3. I never thought a 209 body clk could get any uglier. I was obviously wrong. Way to go powdercoat guy!
    Just for the record the only exception to the 209 body is the clk black series.

  4. anyone know if the L-tuned rear lip on the lexus is300 is carbon fiber? if so, where the hell do you find one?!?!

  5. Nope, the rear lip is not carbon fiber. The car that were there that has the CF is an over lay. Also, an original l-tuned kit is super hard to find, everyone I know has the replica (except for a guy I know Bill, only original that I know of for sure)

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