Theme Tuesdays: Rolling Shots


Rolling shots are really an art, whether meticulously planned or a random snap out of a window they always have a way of bringing out the best parts of a car and minimizing the worst.

Maybe that’s why Rolling shot appreciation threads can be found on virtually every car forum on the net, here is my homage.

I am a big fan of lip spoilers on wrx's over the standard
Fresh to death
These Porsches shared wall space with Lambos in my room growing up
Slammed Type 4
Hired gun
Clarkson hated his GT right?
Another VW, this time throwin sparks
I've posted this car before and I will probably post it again
The sky is crazy in this shot
This car looks flawless
Vip influenced Lexus
Big, big, fan of Brians Subaru
This shot looks like it took place on a beach?!
s2k with the top down to make up for all the ones in the GTA with the top up
Another VIP Lexus
What? It's a rolling shot of sorts
This might be my second favorite Forrester ever...


  1. that wagon on RSs is really clean in person. i was on my way home back to vegas from a random suicide trip to the beach and seen it just outside of rancho cucomunga (sp?) or atleast around there.

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