Nissan is coming out with another interesting suv type vehicle, The Juke, and just like last years Cube this car sure looks unique.

With the cube it was pretty easy to see that Nissan was trying to scrape some off the top of the Scion ‘box’ market but with the Juke I am not 100% sure on where they are thinking of going.

Personally I think the styling is a little too far out there for the average soccer mom, and a little too soccer mom for the average car guy, however the render I below may have swayed me some.

Stock form
If this is not real, someone should make it real.

While the exterior doesn’t really appeal all that much to me the drive train does, awd 1.6l Turbocharged engine with 190 HP and 180 ft-lbs of torque.

What do you think, will the Juke pick up a solid following or go the way of the Aztec?
Furthermore where do you think Juke power plants will end up in a couple of years?


  1. if they kept the lights on the bumper and got rid of the ones on top of the fenders, I would like it. But the design is just too “busy”…

  2. i didnt like them but that does look awesome,

    just confirms my thoughts that ANYTHING looks good in black, lowered and sweet rims!

  3. its being put streight up against the bmw x1 THIS THING IS A SHIT LOAD BETTER gimme a rally cross version hehehehe

  4. this thing actually looks pretty sweet. it has a nice urban citygoer look, but with that crazy drivetrain it definitely takes the cake for sick rally vehicle which i want so bad.

  5. Awesome that we got featured on your site
    Glad you guys liked our Juke. Its a photoshop indeed.
    We were just wondering what it would look like with some nice rims and slammed.
    Well, like this… 🙂

  6. I didn’t know what to think of them when I first saw pictures…but that rendering/photo of the black one with the green Volks is all I had to see. That is gorgeous.

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