Betcha can’t have just one


Don’t you hate when you come across one image of a car and can’t find anymore? Because that’s the case with this e30 on Work Emotions (not CR Kai as explained here).

No matter how much I search I keep coming across the same old ass picture. Maybe it’s just me and perhaps I suck at using Google but I need more!

To the guys at Felgen Garage do this again and take more pictures please, for the sake of the internet!

So good
Here is a picture of the same car on Hartge's just because.



  1. I’m sure [email protected] has more pics of his car with the Work wheels on!

    He says that they actually ARE Work CR Kai wheels.

    The dimensions are 8,5 & 9,5×18 ET32 w/ 20mm PCD Adapters (4/100).
    Tires are 215/35-18 und 255/30-18 Conti SC2.

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