Theme Tuesdays: One Brands Trash Pt. 2


OEM wheel swapping seems to be growing in popularity and creativity as the years go by.

A few years ago the go to wheel to put on pretty well everything was the Corvette ‘Sawblade’, and while a lot of people are still going that route, I’ve seen plenty of other manufacturers give up their wheels to a variety of different platforms.

Here are a few more examples of people making use of another company’s stock alloys.

Might as well start off with a sawblade for good measure
Actually look pretty decent here
Twists on a dub isn’t exactly a new thing but I’ve never seen them on this model
Rover wheels where they never expected to be
Fair to say these Jeep wheels didn’t expect to be here either
I can’t imagine Bentley wheels being much cheaper than a set of aftermarket wheels
S4 on Gallardos
MK4 on e46 m3 wheels
X5 wheels seem to be making their rounds
G8 on x5s
From Importfest, more X5 wheels, these wheels are pretty damn big too 19×9 and 19×10
Another creative combo from So Fresh Automotive
Maserati wheels look right at home on this
Fat Fives on a TI, something I never thought I’d see. Also plate win.
More used to seeing Escalade wheels on these
Peugeot on X’s
This would look a lot better lower but Infiniti wheels look great on this Maxima
Always really loved this combo on this car
BMW wheels just won’t stay where they came from
Zach’s car is actually currently for sale if anyone is interested
I’ve heard conflicting things about the safety of running BMW wheels without adapters on s10s

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