Stance Is Everything at Importfest 2012


To me the most important thing about being a part of Importfest this year was bringing together a group of cars that not only looked good but also represented the audience this site is aimed at.

Looking back I think the 4 vehicles (plus mine) that came out did a perfect job of that.

Parked together Blair, Chris, Ryan, and Sam’s vehicles contrasted each other beautifully while at the same time proving that no matter the platform lower is better.

Blair’s 57

Having a truck in the display was a given from day one because, even though Importfest is far from a truck show, this site has a decent amount of truck content and a fairly large truck driving audience.

I was stoked that Blair from Taylor’d Customs was into bringing the ’57 to Importfest and I feel it brought something different to the show that few were expecting.

If Blair made a dollar off everyone who asked about the AC he would have been able to cover everyone’s entree fee. -Thanks to Scott Holmes for this shot
You’d be surprised how many people went up to Blair’s truck and tried to put their fingers under the bumper…
Blair’s 57 via Clarke-Photography
Blair’s bed setup via JDM Chicago
Blair via Illmotion

Ryan’s MK4

Ryan’s Jetta was exactly what I had in mind to fill the euro part of the display so I was glad to recieve his email expressing interest.

After I meeting him in person at Euronited, and seeing how laid back and personable he was, I knew Ryan would fit in well with the rest of the guys showing with SIE at Importfest.

In addition to being modified extensively from front to back his Jetta is absolutely spotless and was without a doubt one of the cleanest cars in the show.

Ryan took home ‘Baddest Stance Assisted’ as well as the first place Aggressive Fitment award from Stretch & Poke
Ryan’s show room floor clean engine bay
Not too long before the show he pulled the motor out to paint the block this eye catching yellow
In addition to Best Stance and Best Aggressive Fitment, he won Ultimate Jetta, and Baddest Euro
Snap of Ryan’s car by Aidan via Stretch & Poke
Ryan via Intuned

Sam’s Genesis

Originally the import representing for SIE was going to be Alex’s SC400 but after a delay with his wheels he wasn’t able to bring  his car out so Sam ended up filling in for him.

Big thanks go out to Sam for jumping in last minute, his car seemed to be quite among photographers and models alike.

Sam’s car amidst a flurry of activity
Sam’s aggressive rear fitment
Fresh paint for the show – photo via Intuned
That Chrome SIE script sticker on Sam’s window is the only one in existence – photo via Bear Skillz

Chris’ 1500

A little over a week before the show will at Stance East let me know that he and his friend Tyler were out for Importfest so I snatched up two of his three spots and set out looking for another truck.

Blair recommended Chris and even though it was very late notice he immedialty agreed. Parking beside his truck on Friday and seeing it in person for the first time I knew it would be a crowd favorite, super nice guy too.

This truck was built by Chris and a few other members of the Touch N’ Down club he is a part of
Rear tucks just as hard as the front
Notice how nearly everyone’s attention in this photo (except for the models) is focused on how exactly Chris managed those wheels to fit under the hood
Camber played a big part in getting the wheels to tuck so hard
Chris’ Truck via Clarke-Photography
Another one via Clarke-Photography

My Car

I actually had never planned to have my car in the show at all but once those two Stance East spots opened up I figured what the hell.

Looks like all that Dr. Colorchip did it’s job on my bumper photo via  Flat Broke Status
Shot by J Kirby from Intuned, nice to meet you dude!
My car via Derek Moore Photography

Chloe and Sharlyn

I’d love to take credit for getting models for the Importfest but this was all Alex, big thanks Chole and Sharlyn for sporting the Stance Is Everything logo on their skin for a day.

Sharlyn on the left Chloe on the right via Derek Moore Photography
Sharlyn again via Derek Moore Photography
Sharlyn via Intuned
Chloe via Derek Moore Photography
Chloe via Derek Moore Photography

I honestly couldn’t be happier with how this first year went and when I started this site doing something like this wasn’t even remotely in my mind so I am really stoked these guys were all cool enough to bring their cars out help support the site.

Thanks to them once again as my friend Steve for printing the signs, Lyndsey for designing them, Importfest for making the site a part of the show, and everyone who stopped by to grab some stickers or a t-shirt.

Hopefully next year I can grab a few more spots…


  1. Just let me know a little in advance and I’ll see if I can fit my work schedule around a weekend in Toronto.

  2. Hey Dave from Stance Is Everything! Thanks for using our photo! Love what you guys at Stance Is Everything do and you had such a sick line up at Importfest! See you around!

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